Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emma's Dance Recital Rehearsal

Emma has her first major dance recital tomorrow and tonight was the dress rehearsal. She is performing two numbers, a jazz piece and a tap dance to "Who Let the Dogs Out." She's so excited for tomorrow and can't wait to have her two cousins, Hannah and Isabelle, come watch her. I'm posting the video of her jazz routine and hopefully I can get the real thing tomorrow with her in costume on video, or at least some good pictures. Emma loves dance and I hope she sticks with it because I can tell it's something she really enjoys doing. Plus, she's all girl and LOVES the costumes, make-up, hair, all the glam stuff. Jake and I have noticed that she's our shy girl a lot of the time (until you get her warmed up.) When she dances though, she loves the spotlight, and showing off her stuff. :) Love you, Emma. Good luck tomorrow!

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Dream Big Designs said...

Wow! Where have I been! Happy belated Birthday! i love the post that Jake did! Emma is so cute and it makes me excited when Sophie is old enough to do dance. Also, I really love the hair cute. You are one HOT mamma! Well, next time I will check in earlier. Love ya!