Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Amazing Little Girls

Emma started a princess dance camp this week at her dance studio. Yesterday was her first day and as we got out of the van I noticed these two little girls, dressed in leotards, pushing their walkers with one leg. I was immediately entranced by these twin girls. I overheard their mom talking to Emma's dance teacher, talking about an Oprah episode they were just on last month. I went to Oprah's website and found the story on these twins. They were conjoined and separated 3 years ago. As I watched at the end of Emma's class yesterday, I saw them participate in a cute routine, scooting their walkers around and waving their arms, doing the dance moves. They truly are inspiring.

Here is the Oprah story. They also have a website, too. Their mom, Erin, is very sweet and I'm looking forward to getting to know her this week. Anyway, more heroes to add to my list!


Woodruff Family said...

I CANNOT believe you met the Herrin Twins! I have followed their story for years. They are getting so big. That is so awesome, Jamie. I think it's so amazing how far medical technology has come. We are so blessed to live a day and age when almost anything is possible.

Dream Big Designs said...

Wow! I have followed their story ever since they were born. i remember watching the day they had their seperation surgery. Wow. I am sure they are a very special family. You are lucky to have such giants around.

Patrice said...

I had wondered what was going on with those twins. I stopped following their progress on their website once we moved from Utah. And it didn't help that I forgot their name. Sounds like some great people to get to know. I'm sure they'll enjoy your friendship too cause you're definitely one to get to know.