Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dance Recital- 2009

Emma's recital went well last night. She was so excited all day and couldn't wait to perform (especially since her two cousins were coming to watch her.) Emma had me replay her dress rehearsal video over and over and showed me each step and told me what she was supposed to do. She loved getting her hair and make-up done and has now fallen in-love with mascara. Yikes! Her two dances went great and she loved being in the spotlight. She had a hard time watching all the girls before her because she kept wanting it to be her turn. Thanks to all the family for coming out and sitting through two hours of little girls' dances. Emma loved having you there to cheer her on. Good job, Emma! We love you.

All the girls in Emma's class (3 of them are sunbeams with her in our ward.)

Emma and her dance teacher, Stephanie Russell. (Steph owns the Jazz Studio, used to be a Utah Jazz dancer, teaches dance classes at the studio, and teaches classes at Gold's Gym... she's awesome and Emma loves her.)

Emma with her uncle Pete and aunt Mal. Thanks for coming, guys!

Jake's parents, us, aunt Melanie, aunt Katie, and cousins Hannah and Isabelle

Emma with her two cousins, Hannah and Isabelle (Hannah had a dance recital tonight so they were able to watch each other perform on different nights. Hannah's a great dancer, too!)

Emma showing her flower and trophy as we were leaving the recital.


Ashley said...

She looks so stinking cute in her dance costume!

Dream Big Designs said...

She is sooo darling!

LINDSEY said...

oh my gosh! could that costume be any cuter? Little girls are the best! They may have attitude, but dressing them up is priceless.


She is such a perfect little dance lady! I loved having her there at Stella's party and they loved coming to your house yesterday! You guys are the best!

Melanie said...

Okay seriously Jamie, Pull that picture down. I look like an alien!

dance teacher said...

Soo.. cute!