Monday, September 12, 2011

Josh's turn

Josh has had a hard time watching his older siblings go to school the past two weeks while he had to wait.  But then Tuesday his big day came... his first day at The Canyon Preschool.
He picked out his backpack a few weeks ago.  I told him he could pick whatever he wanted.  I wasn't surprised when he threw a Super Mario Bros backpack into the cart, and figured older brother might have helped persuade him a little, too.  He wore it quite a few times around the house, trying to break it in before his big day.
My 3 cuties
Walking down the path to preschool.  My baby looks so big. *tear*
The best preschool teacher, Miss Kari!
On Thursday Josh was supposed to wear his favorite color to preschool.  Emma knew right away his favorite color is blue, and she couldn't wait to help pick out his blue outfit.  She ran upstairs, picked it out, and helped him put it on.  Josh had the biggest smile when he came downstairs and Emma, my mini-mom, was smiling big, too.  I'm lucky I have such sweet and adorable kids.