Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So, it's midnight and I'm sitting at the computer. Why, you ask? Because this annoying cough is keeping me up!! I have tried to fall asleep twice tonight, but each time I try within a minute or two I start hacking up a lung. ARGH! I'm amazed that Jake has managed to sleep through the whole ordeal. This past week I've been downing robitussin like it was gatorade and munching on cough drops like they were candy... nothing helps. I even tried this Xopenex inhaler I got last time I had bronchitis, to relieve my coughing... doesn't do a darn thing. I saw a GI dr today and asked him about my cough and he prescribed me some cough medicine. Turns out the stuff he 'prescribed' is actually an OTC medicine and I already bought it yesterday and have tried it and, nada. Nice. The dr also proceeded to tell me that my lung still doesn't sound very good. His exact words "Wow. I'm a gastro dr and even I can tell you have pneumonia in that right lung." Then he kept asking if I was really 'okay'. Honestly, the pain is gone. My chest feels tight in the morning and this cough is driving me crazy, but other than that I feel fine (just a little tired from this cough keeping me up!) I don't feel 100%, but I'm so much better than I was 2 1/2 weeks ago. So, about my cough, any ideas to give me some relief? I would love to hear them!

I'm not the only one in the house taking medicine right now. Josh is taking antibiotics for a burst eardrum due to an ear infection (which I didn't even know he had!) Over the weekend I noticed yellow fluid coming out of his ear and yellow chunks coming out of his ear canal (I'm sure you all wanted to know that.) I took him to the dr on Monday and sure enough, his eardrum had ruptured. Then Ben came to us on Saturday night and said his toe hurt. When he took his sock off, Jake and I almost freaked out. His big toe was swollen and red, with yellow pus around the base and side of his toenail and the top layer of skin was coming off. I took him to the dr on Monday with Josh and the dr said he has an infected ingrown toenail and prescribed him antibiotics too. I'm just waiting for Emma to come tell me some body part is falling off or fluid is gushing from some orifice. (knock on wood it doesn't happen) Sorry if I sound a little pessimistic at the moment. I guess I'm just a little tired and grumpy... and worried my coughing is going to give me a hernia.