Saturday, July 3, 2010

NSL 5K 2010- Team Jamie

This morning was the NSL 5K.  Since I'm still in the hospital, my mom took my spot... #6.  Abby, Meighan, Amber, Selena, Kim, my mom, Robin, Jaci, and Susi made up "Team Jamie", sporting black hats with the silver lung cancer symbol that Abby had painted on them.  Amber and Selena cheered the other girls on, taking pictures along the way.  Abby, my mom, Meighan, and Kim ran the entire 5K without stopping, and crossed the finish line together at about 35 minutes.  I am so proud of them!  Amber sent me pictures through the whole race to keep me updated and they made me cry.  I was so happy and thankful for their support, and of course would have given anything to run it with them.  Abby pointed out that there is a 5K Run/Walk on August 7th at Sugarhouse Park for all IMC employees, patients, and their families.  It's free, all participants receive a prize, and breakfast will be provided after the race.  I'm definitely planning on walking that one, and I would love to have "Team Jamie" by my side.
Meighan, my mom, and Kim (with little Evelyn and Sylvia in the jogging stroller) waiting for the race to start.
Abby and Meighan posing before the race.  You girls look so good!
My mom pushing hard, with Kim pushing her girls in the stroller behind her.

Cute Susi and Brighton, taking a nice stroll on the 5K course.

Kim winning a $25 gift card to Texas Roadhouse after the race.  I am so proud of Kim.  A few months ago she decided she wanted to get healthier and so signed up at a local gym called "Boot Camp" and began a 12-week personal training program, along with a nutritional program as well.  During that time I started up my 8-week 5K training program for anyone who wanted to use it and then the end goal was to run the NSL 5K without stopping.  Kim was my star student.  From her work at Boot Camp, and then coming straight from Boot Camp to our running workouts, she was able to lose 30 lbs (might even be more now), and has dropped quite a few pant sizes and is looking so amazing!  Before we started the 5K training I told her she would run the whole 5K and she was very skeptical.  Well, she did it  (and even did it pushing her two little girls in a jogging stroller, keeping an 11.5 min./mile pace!)  I really am so proud of you, Kim.  The sky is the limit for you, my friend.  Keep it up!

One last picture before they headed out to come see me.  After the race was over, all 5 girls headed up to my hospital room and kept me company for awhile.  They asked what I needed and my two biggest requests were to get a real shower, or as close to one as I could get (can't get my telemetry or my chest tube wet), and to wash my hair.  It had been 4 or 5 days since my hair had been washed.  The girls jumped up and got to work.  Meighan held up my chest tube, Selena had my telemetry, Abby was in-charge of the water, and Amber was taking pics.  (Kim was wrangling her two girls, making sure they didn't get an eye full of Sister Schipaanboord wearing nothing. ;) )  My girls gave me the most wonderful shower.  They all scrubbed my scalp, and got my hair nice and clean.  Then Amber spent 25 minutes blow drying it and making me look beautiful.  After they were all done I felt like a new woman.  My sister told me today "I don't have any friends where I live who I would feel comfortable enough to have them give me a shower... and you have FIVE!"  Yes, I know I'm a lucky girl, to have so many caring, loving, supportive friends around me.  It's quite an experience to feel so vulnerable and needy, asking for help doing things that are so private, things that days before you could do yourself with your eyes closed.  It's pretty humbling, and makes me very grateful for the family and sweet friends I have in my life, who love me just as I love them.  Thanks girls for everything.  Hopefully one day I can repay the favors, (or at least die trying!)

As for my progress, Dr. Reid is gone until Tuesday for the holiday weekend so we met with Dr. Caine, one of his partners.  My lung looks like it's doing better and the fluid has decreased so I was taken off suction.  I will have an xray taken tomorrow morning and if it looks the same or better than the one taken this morning, then the tube will be clamped.  I will have an xray on Monday and if everything still looks good, my tube will be pulled Monday and I will be monitored the whole day, leaving probably Tuesday.  So, that would mean I would be getting out exactly two weeks since I checked in.  Not exactly what we were planning at the beginning, but I'm learning these things can't really be 'planned.'  Everyone's body recovers so differently.  Mine is just happening to take its own sweet time.  Last night I had another hard night.  I was in pain mostly from my bowels.  Only going once in 10 days will do that to you.  I'm told when you're on narcotics, stuck in bed, and not drinking enough water, it's a recipe for bowel disaster.  I called my nurse at 3am because I was in excruciating pain.  I won't go into all the details, but let's just say I had an enema and things worked itself out.  I was able to go again around 1pm, which helped my stomach settle down some more.  I'm told with me being off the epidural now, that should help regulate my bowels.  Because I wasn't tolerating oxycodon and lortab, and only getting the dilaudid in IV form, we needed to figure out what kind of oral pain meds worked and that I could take once I got home.  I'm now on ultram, a pain med that works as a narcotic but isn't as strong as percocet and lortab.  It's perfect.  I'm glad the dr found something that takes away the pain but doesn't make me incredibly sick and loopy.  Anyway, things are slowly but surely getting better.  Crossing our fingers Tuesday is the big day.


PS Here are my girls and I eating at an Italian restaurant in the Bellagio on our Vegas trip 2 months ago:


Becky said...

Maybe the reason you are stuck in the hospital is cause you'd be out trying to do everything and help everyone if you weren't ;)

Hang in there. I am so glad that you have so many great friends around you. You have endured a really hard surgery and getting back up to speed will take some time. Be gentle with yourself and don't get too frustrated. Your body has its own timetable. Reading your blog reminds me how important it is to give ourselves space to work through the tasks at hand. Coming along on your journey has helped me a lot to keep going during our craziness here. Thanks Jamie.

So glad you have found some pain meds that work for you. That is great. It really sounds like you have great people working with you there at the hospital too. And your Team Jamie buds sound awesome. We love you. You are in our prayers.

Monicarlo said...

Jamie- I don't spend much time on the computer but felt impressed this morning to check my facebook where I saw your post about the race, which led me here. Your posts over the past month about your challenges have touched me in ways you will never know. Thanks is wierd to say to someone who has just gone through cancer, but thanks for sharing your thoughts over this trial because it has helped me put my own trials into true perspective. You are very strong and inspiring. I hope to see your blog soon about going home. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. You are amazing.
Monica Sanchez Arnold

Naomi said...

So glad you have such great friends around you there! Wish I could be there to help too! We are praying for your continued recovery and that you are able to go home soon! Loves and Hugs!