Saturday, July 17, 2010

Massage Central

I LOVE massages.  Love them.  I remember being massaged by my mom and my cousin, Tonya, when I was very young.  Being the oldest of four, I admit I wasn't the "best" older sister, sometimes begging for massages from my younger siblings, and then never giving them in return.  (C'mon now, we are talking 20+ years ago.  Don't hold it against me.  I admit I was a little selfish back in the day.  What 10 year old isn't?!)  I dreamt of the day I was married, and my husband and I would give each other massages, helping each other relax and unwind every night.  Well, turns out Jake doesn't like massages.  And he doesn't like giving them, either.  He tolerates it.  But he also knows how much I love it, and so a couple times a month he tries to suck up the frustration, keeps it to one or two eye rolls, and gives me a great massage.  He really does do a good job.  His foot massages are professional.  In fact, the best gift he has ever given me (besides my Garmin Forerunner and my iPhone) was a booklet of homemade coupons for 20 foot massages.  I was pregnant with Josh and that little booklet was my most treasured item that whole pregnancy.  Heaven.  Pure heaven.  With my mom being here 5 weeks, Jake was very thankful to be getting the extra help... but he was also thankful about getting time off from massages.  My mom is also a massage-aholic.  (And my dad is like Jake.  Doesn't like 'em, doesn't like giving 'em.)  So almost every night my mom has been here, we do massages.  Emma has caught on to our little ritual, and loves it.  In fact, the last two nights she has been the one to ask "When are we going to massage?!"  Last night, Josh even got in on the action.  We have discovered this new cream called "Udder Ointment" and we have been using it in our massage sessions.  It's amazing stuff, makes our legs and feet feel so smooth and soft.  It heals dry, cracked skin, and even helps cuts heal quicker.  (My mom is putting some on my incision every night and I'm excited to post before and after pictures in a few weeks.)  My friend, Polly, owns the business that sells Udder Ointment.  She also sells chapstick in four different flavors.  (My favorite is mint.  I put it on last night before I went to bed and when I woke up my lips were still super smooth, didn't feel dry at all.)  Polly offered me a part-time job a week ago to do some customer service for her company.  I'm excited to get started (once I'm off the pain meds... don't want narcotics to mess with my brain while I try to work!)     

As for an update, I'm getting better and better every day.  My ribs are not nearly as bruised as they were a week ago.  I was taking pain pills four times a day, and I'm down to twice a day now.  During the surgery the doctor cut into my right lat muscle, which I have definitely been able to feel.  Because of this, I don't think I'll be doing push-ups for awhile.  I am getting stronger though, and can move my right arm all over (something I've had trouble doing the past few weeks.)  I've been showering on my own for a few days now.  WOO HOO!!  I even shaved my legs by myself on Thursday (although, it wasn't a great job, missed a huge chunk down by my ankle.)  I'm slowly becoming independent again, and it feels great.  I have had a few little "incidents" though, since I've been home.  On Monday, I reminded myself very quickly that I really can't pick up the kids.  We were at Target, my mom on one side of the store getting groceries, and I was on the other side getting a bridal shower present for my good friend, Jaci.  Not thinking, I tried to help Josh out of the cart.  He was half-way out and I felt massive pain shoot up my side and I physically could not pull him out any farther.  I had to quickly put him back in and Josh, so confused by the whole situation, started crying.  It was quite a sight, seeing me in the middle of the aisle trying to get a hold of the pain and trying to breathe normally, and then Josh alone in the cart, crying because he thought mom was punishing him by not letting him out of the cart.  We had another little scare on Wednesday night.  I stood up too fast and walked into the kitchen to get something for my mom.  The last thing I remember was seeing my purse, and then when my eyes opened I was sitting on the couch.  My mom said it looked like I was having a seizure, shaking all over.  I blacked out and then hit my head on the counter.  Thankfully she was only a few feet away from me and was able to carry me over to the couch in the living room.  I spoke to my doctor about that and he said I'm most likely dehydrated, and also said my body is adjusting to the difference in oxygen I'm getting now and it takes a little longer for my blood pressure to equalize when I get up like that.  I just have to be extra careful, make sure not to go too fast.  My mom is watching me like a hawk now, making sure I go slow when I get up, and don't push myself too hard.  As I walked on the treadmill this morning, she checked my pulse ox a few times, just making sure I was at the right level and not too high (and I wasn't.)  I walked 3.1 miles today... yep, a 5K.  My time was 52:03.  I'm celebrating.  Not "huge-fireworks-I'm-so-awesome" celebrating, but I'm celebrating.  My longest walk since before the surgery.  I told my mom how hard this whole recovery thing is mentally.  As I was walking on the treadmill yesterday, one of my Body Combat songs came up on my iPod and I instantly started thinking of each move in my head, wanting so badly to jump off the treadmill and start punching and doing high kicks.  Soon.  Very soon.  I see my surgeon on the 26th for a follow-up visit and can ask him about that.  Hopefully it's only a few weeks until I get the Green Light!  In the meantime, 3.5 MPH on the treadmill it is.  ;)



Iliana said...

That's pretty exciting getting to have a job to look forward too! I figure this is my few weeks to get my butt in gear and start running so maybe one day I'll be at your same level. I'm sure this whole little lung incident was a masterminded scheme to enable me to catch up to you:) Even then I'm sure you'd kick my rear at any race. Keep it up! you're doing awesome.

Dream Big Designs said...

Oooh, I love massages too! I will come rub your feet any day, girly! But only if you rub mine too! ;) Love ya!