Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some of Our Favorite Things...


Jake LOVES his Blackberry phone he got for his birthday. He likes getting his e-mails at a moment's notice, checking scores on the internet, and having a phone that is solely HIS. We have shared one cell phone for years and now we both have our own.

Jake lives for baseball. He's currently in a Fantasy Baseball league (has done it for the past couple years.) He LOVES the Red Sox and just wishes he lived closer to Boston so he could have season tickets to Fenway. He just bought Ben his first glove and a few balls and enjoys throwing the ball around on Saturdays. (I think Jake enjoys it just as much as Ben does!)


I get a rush when I find cute clothes for great deals. My favorite (and cheap) places: DI and garage sales. I can't wait for garage sale season to start up. (All the clothes above were bought at DI over the past couple weeks.) I admit it, I have a problem. :) I remember going to garage sales and DI with my mom when I was younger. At the time I didn't like spending the time to rummage through crap and spend hours looking only to come out with 2 shirts and 1 pair of pants... but, now I thrive doing it. Of course with three kids it's kind of hard going through 10 racks at DI, but you learn to go fast. :)

I heard many people thought Jack Johnson's new album was ho-hum, just like all his other albums. Well, I have to say I LOVE track #4, "Angel." If you haven't heard it yet, listen to it on Youtube. It's a really short song, but so pretty. I play it a couple times in a row in our car and Ben has asked me twice now "Why is this song playing again?" I can't help it. It's just that good. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.


It seems that Ben is going through a "camo phase." The last couple times we have gone to Old Navy I told Ben he could pick out something. As you can see from above, we have a theme going. :) (I also forgot to include in the pic his camo swim trunks he picked out two months ago.)

Ben has loved Mariokart for years but has just discovered this little gem, Cruisin' USA for Nintendo 64. He told me a few days ago that this game is "just SO COOL!"


Emma and I share a bowl of cereal every morning for breakfast. Her latest craze is Lucky Charms and I have to feed her the pink marshmellows first, of course.

Emma LOVES her pink clothes and I'm having trouble getting her to wear anything that isn't pink, have hearts, a bow, or flowers on it. Her two favorite pieces of clothing at the moment are pictured above (her new heart skirt we got at Kohl's yesterday and her Old Navy heart swimsuit, the one she tells everyone she is going to wear at the beach in Malaysia!)


Josh loves swinging in the backyard. We just bought this from Lowe's and hooked it up to the swing set. Josh could stay swinging in this for hours if I let him.

He loves crawling at lightning speed to Truman's dog dish, stuffing a handful of this yummy goodness into his mouth before I catch him. (GAG!)


Julie said...

I love that Jack Johnson song. Brynlie always yells "We share the same soap oh oh oh ohhh" Right now she's actually wearing that same skirt that Emma has with the harts on it.

Iliana said...

cute post! tylers in the camo phase too, but its getting annoying because he was into it last summer too :( are all girls so cute and into pink and frills? i probably will never know!

West Family said...

Great idea to post all of your favorite things! Jamie, I really think you and I are way more alike than we know it! I get the best "rush" ever finding things at garage sales! I swear its better than drug would be! That is too funny. I am glad to find someone I can admit that to!

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Cute , cute post. bring on garage sale season! I count you as one of my "favorites", can't wait to see you today!

Mindurs said...

Cute post - it gives me a good look at all things Schipaanboord.

Coaches favorite thing to do is eat dog food too. Funny babies!

Sonja said...

It seems like all the grandkids go after the dog food. I wonder if we are missing something?

Lynette said...

How Fun! Sometimes the simple things are our favorite things. Just like cereal. :) Thanks for coming to play yesterday. The kids had so much fun.

Karyn said...

I loved that post. So fun to read. Elsie also loves dogfood. mmm! Oh, & congrats to Jake on the bar!

Ashleigh said...

This was a fun idea. I'll have to think up some of our favs. I haven't listened to the Jack Johnson song yet, so after church I'll have to do it. I love his songs, so I'm sure this one will be awesome.