Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Busy day in Malaysia- Day 5

We started off the day visiting a Buddhist temple called the Kek Lok Si temple. It was amazing and so beautiful. None of the pictures I took could show you its true beauty. We saw some monks walking around and some were praying. The kids enjoyed the view and also picking out souveniers.

We took the tram up to Penang Hill and met a lot of friendly people on the way. One couple is from Australia, another family from Singapore and another family with a small boy (Nicholas) from southern Australia. It was fun talking to them and sharing stories and experiences. The view from Penang Hill was amazing. The picture we had taken just doesn't do it justice. After we got to the top we walked a little over a mile to a free-standing bridge. Ben said it was like the same bridge that Horton from "Horton Hears a Who" walks on in the jungle and that is a pretty accurate description of it. We were all nervous about walking across something so wobbly and seeing the jungle way below us, but overall it was an awesome experience!

We went to the Botanical Gardens after Penang Hill. It was so relaxing and beautiful. The weather was starting to cool down a little too because a storm was coming in so that was nice. As we were going into the park the vendors outside the gate told us to be careful of the daytime robbers (aka the monkeys.) It was amazing to see monkeys and monitor lizards close-up. We got nervous around the monkeys a few times because they would charge after us thinking we had food. The last picture shows our new friend, the well-endowed monkey. Dad fed him some peanut butter crackers and he really enjoyed them.

After the Botanical Gardens we went to a restaurant called Noodle Station (like Noodles & Company.) Ben was so excited about eating chicken and french fries and told me they were the best, even better than McDonald's (that's not saying much though!) Josh was starving and enjoyed being fed my fried wantan noodles with prawns. It was really yummy! As we were leaving one of the workers came up to the kids to say goodbye and both Ben and Emma gave him a hug. We had to get a picture.
After we ate we came home, changed into our swimsuits and went swimming again. This is the highlight of the day for the kids. They LOVE it and count down until the next time we go. After we swam we went to Queensbay Mall. Ben's swim floatie got a hole in it so we went to Toys R Us and bought him another one and some goggles. He's excited to try them out tomorrow. We drove 2 minutes home and the kids were out. Everyone is exhausted from the long day, but it was well worth it. We have stories and memories we will never forget! We can't wait to do more tomorrow.


Chelsea said...

That is so neat! I love all of your pictures. It is so great that the kids get to experience that. The people seem so nice.

Karyn said...

It's so fun reading about your adventures. What a fun trip. It looks like your kids are doing well through all of it, too. What a beautiful place!!

Iliana said...

Wow, it is so amazingly beautiful there! What an awestome mom for taking her kids on such an adventure! That cute Josh looks so happy.

Cheri Robinson said...

What a fun adventure!!! You've got the cutest kids, but of course you already know that! Keep having fun and milk your trip for all it's worth. The massage sounded sooooo wonderful!