Monday, June 21, 2010

Let's Get This Show on the Road!

We leave in 3 hours for the hospital. I just wanted to check in this morning and tell everyone thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. It means so much. People who don't even know me are posting and praying for me and my family and I am so grateful. My mom pulled in last night around 6pm. She drove alone, 12 hours non-stop to get here. I'm so happy she is here to take care of me. Nothing like mom's love to comfort and help heal her child (I feel the same for my own kids.)

So, here's the timeline. We are leaving here at 10:45am and heading to the surgeon's office. We have a consultation with him at 11:15am. After that I'll be sent straight to the Heart and Lung Unit at the hospital and will be poked and prodded all day, maybe have a CT scan if they can fit it in. They want me sleeping at the hospital tonight, then the surgery is Tuesday at 7:30am. I'm told the surgery lasts a couple hours. The official term for this surgery is called a thoracotomy and you can read about it HERE. A little intense, but I just keep reminding myself that once it's over and I'm healed, I'll be a new woman! I'll have Jake's laptop and will try to update my blog from the hospital (or have my mom do it if I'm not up to it.)

Thanks again for all the love, prayers, and support we have felt the past few weeks. Honestly, I feel good. I went to my Body Combat class this morning, got in one last good workout for awhile. I gave it everything I had in me. I'm strong. I feel at peace. I know we will get through this.

See you all on the flip-side.



sportyrls said...

Thanks for the update Jamie- we love you! You are so amazing- you even went to workout this morning: )!! I suggest bringing your journal so you can write your feelings about this experience during hospital down time- it will be so valuable for you to look back and read later and remember how you made it through this experience. Love you girl!!

Ben and Melanie said...

Jamie you are amazing and so positive you are in our prayers and we love you. I'm sure you'll be a favorite patient of all the nurses. Thanks for all the updates.

Becky said...

We're praying for you! Hang in there!