Friday, June 11, 2010

Emma's Dance Recital 2010

I'm so proud of Emma. She had her dance recital today and did a great job. The first dance is one that just got thrown in a week or two ago. The second is the one her class has been working on the past two months. Emma loved getting her costumes on, wearing mom's makeup, and getting her hair curled. She's definitely a girly girl. Jake and I both are so shocked by her. She can be very shy and yet it seems when she's on stage a different "Emma" takes over. Thanks to Grandma Schip, Aunt Katie, Aunt Mel, cousins Hannah and Isabelle, and dear friend Susi for spending nearly two hours at her recital. Emma loved having you all there. We love you, Emma. Way to go!
Emma, loving her costume and makeup
Emma and her friend, Halle
Emma with her teacher, Miss Jess
Her dance class (Ella, Emma, Halle, Isabelle, and Emmi)
Emma and her cousins, Hannah and Isabelle
Giving mom a squeeze
The whole family, so proud of her!


Ashleigh said...

She is seriously SO good! I just love her sassy pants attitude. You can tell that she loves it and that she loves to ham it up for the crowd. It just made me laugh how the one girl next to her kept looking to Emma for the steps and Emma was right on beat with everything. Love it! Wish we could have been there!

Anonymous said...

Emma did so good! She is an amazing dancer! I am so proud of her! I LOVE the second song it was in a musical I did! She was so perfect at staying on beat and just having fun! Yay Emma!
Love Amy W.

Iliana said...

She is darling! I'm jealous you get to watch your little girl shake it. Question is though, how does Jake love watching a dance recital for 2 hours?

Jacob S. said...

I can't think of anything I would rather do than watch children ages 3 to 16 dance for a couple of hours. Love it.

Michael Sorrells said...

Her Uncle and her cousin