Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Home... Maybe?!

Dr. Reid surprised us this afternoon by clamping my chest tubes. I will have an x-ray taken first thing in the morning. If my lung is doing fine, dealing with the extra fluid, the chest tubes are pulled, which I've heard might not feel the greatest. Then my epidural will be turned off and I start the oxycodon. I'm monitored for a few hours, then it's time to bust out! I'm really hoping tomorrow night I'll be home in my own bed. Crossing our fingers.

In other good news, the tubes have started to come out. First it was my catheter, then my central line. I didn't realize how much I really missed going #1 without the help of a tube! My mother-in-law saw the nurse take the stitches and central line out of my neck. She's a woman after my own heart, as she got her face down by all the action. Pretty neat stuff!

Today was the first day I broke down and cried after visiting with the kids and then watching them leave, again. Hopefully tonight was the last time I'll have to do that! Keep the love and prayers coming. It means more than you know!


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Becky said...

Yeah for progress! I hope you are home with your little ones soon. We are still praying for you. Sami forgets whose Mommy you are but she prays for you every time she prays; we all do. (I have two nephews named Ben and Sam and I think she got mixed up cause you are usually Sam's mom when she prays. We figure it probably goes through just fine all the same). Hang in there. Don't rush it too much. It would be worse to go home and have to come right back than to stay an extra day or two. After all, you just had a bunch of your lung yanked out. We love you and will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!