Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jack Johnson... LIVE!

I bought Jake tickets to see Jack Johnson for his birthday way back in March. August seemed forever away at the time but last night the big day finally arrived. As Jake and I were sitting there, waiting for JJ (as many die-hard fans were calling him) we were reminiscing about all the concerts we've been to in the past. Jake has been to many, most during high school. Then I started to think about all the concerts I've been to and I realized... my "list" was much smaller than Jake's. In fact, my concerts in high school consisted of watching my boyfriend's band, "Postal," and high school choir concerts (do those count?!) In my mind they did. Does the World Music Festival in Malaysia a few months ago count?? Jake and I did just see Los Lobos and the Lonely Boys at his work party last month up at Red Butte Gardens. We would have never paid money to see them so I guess that doesn't really count. Anyway, I think you get the picture. So Jack Johnson was quite the experience for me. I loved the entire concert and could have listened all night to him. I thought he sounded even better than his recordings. It was fun knowing all the words to the songs and singing along, and then looking at everyone around me and realizing they were all doing it too. There was a pretty funny moment when he was singing "Same Girl" from his new album. He was halfway through the first verse and just stopped and started laughing. He said someone in the front row screamed "I want my wife to have your baby!!" He said he was thinking about that as he was singing, and then hit a wrong chord and it went downhill from there. Then he told the guy's wife "I think your husband has had too many beers." He said he needed to start the song over. It was funny. My two favorite parts of the night were when he sang "Bubble Toes" and then when he played acoustic by himself during the encore. I was really hoping he would play "Angel," my favorite song, but it didn't happen. Another thing I really loved about the concert was looking around at all the fans and realizing all people, young and old, love Jack Johnson. If any of you have a chance to see him live, I would highly recommend it.

I left my camera in the car, thinking we couldn't bring it in. Here is "Better Together" live off YouTube, just to get you in the mood.

At the end of the concert Jake and I saw two girls get into a fight in the parking lot. We were about 5 feet away from them. One girl was in a Hummer and the other in a Mustang. The one in the Mustang kept inching up and was touching the Hummer's tire. The girl in the Hummer opened her door and told her to back off (in much meaner words.) The other girl didn't and scraped her car on the Hummer's tire. Then she sat right in front of the Hummer and let a couple cars pass and wouldn't move, so the Hummer couldn't leave. The girl in the Hummer inched up and shoved the Mustang a couple inches. That's when it all broke out. The two girls jumped out of their cars and started hitting, smacking and pulling hair. One girl was shoved to the ground. Then the girl's boyfriend in the Hummer started hitting, then the Mustang girl's friend got out and started hitting the other guy. It was insane! A minute or two into the fight a cop was called over and by that time we were out of the parking lot. Crazy!


Cansas said...

I love Jack Johnson too, although I'm just a recent fan. I hadn't ever heard his music until a few months ago. I've been missing out. Sounds like lots of fun and a little drama at the end to finish it off!! Crazy!

Whitney said...

We should go to some concerts next summer. I went to my first "real" concert last year of Regina Spektor and it was such an awesome experience! I'm glad you had a fun time. Got your voicemail and it gave me a good laugh.