Monday, August 18, 2008

Dancing & Walking

Today I signed Emma up for her weekly dance class for the '08-'09 year. She's doing a Tiny Tots class and will learn some jazz, tap, and tumbling. I believe there will be two recitals (one around Christmas and one in June.) We were given a list of dance necessities today so I took the kids to a local dance store and bought Emma tights, a leotard, tap shoes, and ballet shoes. She is SO excited. Can you guess what color her leotard is?! Pink seems to be the #1 color in her mind and I don't think that will be changing any time soon. (Her leotard, tights, and ballet shoes are all pink.) I just hope she has fun and enjoys these classes. I remember loving my gymnastics classes when I was little and hopefully Emma will develop her own love for dance (or whatever she chooses.) I think Jake is a little apprehensive about a future filled with dance recitals, tutus, costumes, makeup and frill but what can you expect when you have a daughter?!

I also had to post a video of Josh cruising. He is loving his new-found freedom. I'm sure it will be just a matter of time before he is running and trying to keep up with his older siblings. He's such a sweetheart and we are all smitten with him.


Darren and Traci said...

Cute video! I love when they start to walk and have that wobble to them. Emma is so stinkin cute as well. Such a girl! We are going to sign Emmie up for soccer next year. I don't think she has the patience for learning dance and has too much energy to burn. I hope Emma has fun in her class!

Adrienne said...


Whitney said...

Josh is such a stud! He's gonna be a heartbreaker just like the rest of them. And I think it'd be really cool if Emma got into dance. I love dance, but sadly was never instructed, so I kinda suck at it. It'd be cool if someone in the family were graceful.

cousinfamily said...

Your kido's are adorable. Love your blog.

M-GemBlaisdell said...

Meg Just asked to watch this video 7 times and is now throwing a fit because I won't let her watch it anymore. Her favorite part is when you go, "Hey, hey what are you doing?". Gets her cracking up every time. She is so excited to have a baby brother of her own.

I can't believe how fast time flies. Didn't you just have him a couple months ago?! What a cutie!