Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Sister's Hands

I'm on the Enrichment committee (the women's activities group for our church) and we are planning a big event on March 11th, celebrating the birthday of the organization of the Relief Society. Our committee came up with a great idea to have a very nice dinner, slideshow, and a guest speaker (our Stake President's wife.) I was put in-charge of our slideshow and I feel it turned out pretty good, considering I've never done this before (thank you, Jake, for guiding me in the right direction!) The video has two parts to it: pictures taken showing women in our ward doing things with their hands, and the second is showing Christ using His hands. After the slideshow the guest speaker is going to talk about how we can use our hands for good, uplifting each other and doing as Christ did. I'm sure the whole night will be beautiful. Our committee is working really hard to make sure it will be perfect. Anyway, after a couple days of taking many pictures, one late night cutting and slicing pictures, and one morning of ignoring my kids to add the final touches, I now present "My Sister's Hands." (FYI It's about 10 1/2 minutes long.)

PS One funny thing I have to mention: Most of the women had no clue we just wanted pictures of their hands (we wanted it to be a surprise so didn't tell them the theme) and so many of them made themselves up with make-up, pretty hair-dos, the works. Little did they know I was just going to crop their heads right out of the picture. Hopefully once they see the video they will be okay with that. :)


Sonja said...

Dad and I loved the slideshow, good job Jamie. Tell us what the committee and sisters say when they see it. I love the new page design, I'd steal it, but all our friends would call me a copy cat.

Whitney said...

Ah Jamie, it's really wonderful. I'm glad you used that song, it's much better than mine, in fact, can you email me that song? Anywho, I think the women are going to really like it, great job.

Ashleigh said...

It looks really great. I hope I can whip up something as nice. Also, I listened to a couple of versions on "His Hands" that we have and found this one that you have by Jenny Frogley. Too bad I wasn't able to give it to you before you bought it, but it's the best one by far. I love it! Great job!

M-GemBlaisdell said...

Hey, me and Ksenia have your same calling!

Great job on the video! It touched me...spiritually :)