Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's HERE!

Our long awaited Christmas present finally arrived yesterday and we all LOVE it! It had a bumpy ride getting here though. Jake's brother, Ryan, helped us get a great deal on it through some connections he has. The only downside was Jake had to pick it up himself. So yesterday he went down to the warehouse with Ryan (Ryan has a bad case of bronchitis and was still willing to help us pick it up... thank you!) They packed half of the pieces in Jake's parents' truck and the other half in our Odyssey. Well, the wedge part of the sectional managed to fly out of the back of the truck, onto I-15. Luckily, it didn't get hit and Ryan didn't get hit while he went out to get it. It got a tiny scrape on one of the corners but that's it. Ryan said the company will fix it, no problem. Then Jake and Ryan had to move the beastly thing down to the basement. The longest piece (the left-arm couch) was hard to get down the stairs and the metal underneath the couch scraped the railing and wall, leaving a nice little gash, and then when they got to the bottom of the stairs it made a little hole in our sheet rock. I guess this is why people pay to have it professionally shipped and set-up. Even with the scrape on the wedge piece, the gash on the railing, and the hole in the wall, it was all worth it. Those things can be fixed pretty easily, at least that's what I've been told. :) We love the sectional and couldn't be happier. I find myself excited to head down to the basement, just to sit on it (dorky, I know.) With our new bookcases and sectional the family room feels so beautiful and cozy. I love it. (Thanks again, Jake and Ryan!)


West Family said...

It looks really nice Jamie! I can't imagine having a house with that much space....soon! I love seeing it, thanks for sharing!

Ashleigh said...

It looks so nice! I'm sad we weren't there when it came. It looks comfy. Too bad you had to rip your house apart to get it in, but it looks like it as worth it.