Thursday, December 16, 2010

One year older and wiser, too

  Hard to believe my little guy isn't so little anymore.  Ben turns EIGHT today.  Did I really just say that? Where is that 10 lb. "little" bundle I held in the hospital?  The one who loved to be held, never wanted to be put down, and downed a bottle with lightning speed?  Eight is a big number to turn.  In our LDS faith, it's the age you get baptized.  Ben will be baptized on January 8th, and is really looking forward to his big day.  This morning Ben woke up to one of his favorite breakfast foods... cinnamon rolls.  Then he opened his presents (an awesome game from uncle Justin and aunt Collette, two king size Kit Kats from aunt Whitney, his favorite candy bar, and a new Mario sheet and quilt set and Nerf dart tag from dad, mom, Emma, and Josh.)  I'm bringing him a Happy Meal for lunch at school (his choice), and tonight he will be testing in taekwondo from 6-9pm, hoping to advance to a high white belt.  Ben loves games, and is very good at them.  Clue, Pick Picknic, Mouse Trap, word games, and any Mario game are his favorites at the moment.  He loves to eat fettuccine alfredo and pizza, and he likes cookie dough ice cream.  Ben is such a sweetheart, always helping his younger siblings and helping me when I ask.  We are so happy he's in our family and love him so much.  Happy Birthday, Ben!!


Becky said...

Happy Birthday Ben! And congrats on your baptism.

Bill, Katie, Cole, and Drew said...

Happy birthday, Ben! Eight is such a big number!