Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Who Wouldn't Want To Take These Home?

(Mickey Mouse, Yoshi from Super Mario Bros, and a Vampire Princess)

The kids had a great time this past weekend.  Lots of fun Halloween festivities.  It seemed like Halloween just wouldn't end.  We had the Halloween parties at school on Thursday, a church party on Friday, trick-or-treating on Saturday, then Sunday we visited those we couldn't see on Saturday (Grammy & Grandpa, and friends Susi and Gordon Mabey.)  By Sunday night we crashed.  It was a fun few days, though, and I think Josh is having withdrawals.  He keeps asking me to play the Halloween music in the van, but Ben reminds him it's time to hear "Turkey songs" now.  Do those even exist?  Better start looking.
 Emma, totally in character.  She is my little drama queen and loves to act any chance she gets.
 Ben loves Super Mario Bros and was so excited to be Yoshi this year.
 Josh is obsessed with Mickey Mouse, and costumes, and candy... so this holiday was perfect for him.
The fam at our church's Halloween party.
 The Frenchie and the U of U grad.  (Yeah, we don't go all out for Halloween.  In fact, I think this is the first time in years we actually wore costumes.)
 Visit with Grandpa Schip.
 Scary Emma, showing her "I'll suck your blood" face.
 Visit with Grandma Schip.

 Ben and Emma with cousin, Hadlee.  She is adorable! 
 Visit with Great-Grammy and Great-Grandpa Call.
Visit with Susi, our favorite neighbor and friend.
Josh, showing off his loot.  He could be a professional trick-or-treater.  He outlasted both his older siblings, despite the pouring rain and chilly weather.  He would have gone all night if I had let him.  The boy loves his candy!
Lots of sugar... and future cavities.
 FHE night, carving pumpkins.  Ben wanted a spider, Emma a pretty face with eyelashes, and Josh wanted Mickey Mouse.  Jake and I did our best to make it happen.
Happy Halloween!

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Bill, Katie, Cole, and Drew said...

Your kids are so cute!! Love the costumes!