Friday, November 5, 2010

My Board Breaker

Ben is in taekwondo right now and loves learning his punches, kicks, and new Korean words.  Last month the instructor had one of his black belts show the class how to break a board with a kick.  The class was amazed and the instructor said "Next month, you all get to try."  So last night was the night for breaking boards.  Each kid lined up shortest to tallest and got three kicks.  If you didn't make it the first round, you headed to the back of the line and only got one more round of three kicks to try again.  Ben didn't make it the first round.  On the second round he broke the board in half with his second kick, and he was SO excited!  Everyone clapped and cheered for him.  The instructor signed the board and let him take it home and keep it.  So, you better watch out for Ben.  His kicks are pretty strong.
 Jake helping Ben re-enact the scene last night, facial expressions and all.

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The Thornocks said...

Oh my gosh, that's awesome! Tell Ben Aunt Ashleigh is officially afraid of him now. I really need to get my kids into extracurricular activities. They look like so much fun.