Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What a nightmare!

This morning Jake and I tearfully left DC. Such an awesome place. We were sad to leave, but of course happy to get home to the kiddos. Our flight from DC to Detroit was supposed to leave at 9:37am and arrive in Detroit at 11:15am. Our connecting flight was scheduled to leave at 12:05pm and arrive in Salt Lake at 2:09pm. We had this timed perfectly. Jake was going to go into work for two hours. I was working at Emma's studio while she danced from 4-6pm. Ben had taekwondo at 7pm. Well, our schedule just went out the window! We boarded our plane and then sat there for an HOUR, waiting for two front wheels to get replaced. We were told we would still be at the gate around 11:45am, which meant we would have to book it to our gate to make our 12:05 flight. Well, we pulled into Detroit at 12pm. We were at gate 29 and our connecting flight was at gate SEVENTY-FIVE. Whoever designed the Detroit airport should be shot! They have about 78 gates in concourse A, all in one long line over a mile long. Of course this was the one day I decided to wear my boots instead of my running shoes. So, Jake and I sprinted (me in my boots), over 45 gates to make it to our flight, and then found out the crew didn't wait for Jake and I, and the other 8 passengers also running to make the same connecting flight. We were told delta would be aware of our late arrival and would wait for us. Nope. Didn't happen. Then we were sent from gate 75 to gate 43, where we got new tickets that rerouted us to Minneapolis, then onto Salt Lake. We should get home around 7:30pm, if all goes as planned... I'm not holding my breath. I got so sweaty from running, I had to change my clothes and put more deodorant on. Nice. Look on the bright side, we get to spend more time in lovely Detroit, we got a $6 food voucher for the "inconvenience", and we got our morning workout in for the day. It will be nice to get home... Whenever that will be. (Thank goodness we didn't check any luggage!! That would have added more 'fun' to our already 'fun' day.)

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