Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Family Pics

 My sweet friend, Elle, took our family pictures on Monday night at Memory Grove.  (Thanks so much!)  I was worried all day, wondering if we were going to cancel because of the weather.  We texted back and forth all afternoon, trying to decide if it was a go, or not.  Finally, at 5:10pm (we were supposed to pick Elle up at 5:30pm) the rain stopped, the wind died down a little and I decided we would go for it.  I had the kids throw on their clothes, curled the ends of Emma's hair, did a rush make-up job, and we were out the door.  Jake wasn't as optimistic about the weather holding out, but he was a trooper and went along with his wife's plan anyway.  As we left our house, dark clouds surrounded us, but by the time we pulled into Memory Grove, those dark clouds were moving away and we could actually see patches of blue sky.  Blessings for sure!  Also, because of the recent wind/rain storm, we didn't have to wait in line for our spot, or beat other photographers off with a stick.  We had the entire park to ourselves (which is very rare, since this park is quite the photography hot spot.)  Nice!

 The kids getting cuddly.  Emma wasn't too sure about being in a "brother-sandwich."
 Elle asked the boys to give their sister a kiss.  This was the outcome. 

 Elle asked the boys to give mom a kiss and Emma to give dad a kiss.  The boys jumped right to it, and Emma would NOT do it, not even once.  (Here Jake is trying to convince her he needs a kiss, but she still wouldn't give it to him.)
 Emma still not giving dad a kiss, the boys still attacking me with kisses.
 The boys laughing because they just attacked me with big slobbery kisses.  Emma... still not giving in.  She's a stubborn little thing.  Hmm... wonder where she gets that from?!  ;)  Yep, we're in trouble with this one, I can feel it!
 Jake loves pictures, especially romantic ones.  OK, not really.  To be honest, we are not a very romantic couple, as you can tell.  We were supposed to be gazing lovingly into each other's eyes but we honestly cannot do that without laughing.  It's OK.  My crazy eyes are much better than a romantic pic, right?!

Jake told the kids to put their hands in their pockets.  Poor Josh was sad he couldn't get his hands into his tiny pockets by himself.  Mom had to go up and help him, and once he got them in, he was a happy camper.  What can I say?  We have adorable kids!


Megan said...

You do have adorable kids and a great looking family. Love the pictures!

Bill, Katie, Cole, and Drew said...

The pictures are darling! Way to go Elle and way to go cute Schipaanboord family!

I'll Take Mine... said...

You do have adorable kids!! Those are great photos!

Nancy K said...

You look like a MODEL!

Amanda said...

Great pictures! Well done!

Dream Big Designs said...

You guys are such a darling family! And, yes, you do have the cutest kids! Love all the pictures! Love ya guys!