Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Twins

I love how they are both giving me that forced mom-just-take-the-picture-already smile.  Ben's is a little more forced than Josh's, though... comes with age, I guess.  Bright blonde hair.  Same ears.  Same nose.  Yep, twins, born 4 1/2 years apart.  

Tonight I took the kids to Memory Grove, where we are getting our family pics taken on Monday.  I had to test the lighting and scope out a couple spots... yes, I know I have a problem.  The kids love that park and tonight it seemed every wedding, bridal, and engagement pictures were being taken there.  The kids still had fun, though, and I caught this cute picture of them below.
Jake and I really lucked out, to be given such 3 amazing children.  They are all such good kids, so smart and cute, and talented.  Yes, I know we are a tad biased... but still, it's all true.  Ben, Emma, and Josh, we love you!

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