Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hogle Zoo with the Boys & Christmas came a little early

I was a chaperone for Ben's Hogle Zoo field trip on Thursday.  I love volunteering at the kids' school and just wish I could do it more often.  Once all three are in school full-time, that will be a lot easier to do.  I was in-charge of the "yellow group."  Houzten, my Ben, the other Ben, and Luke were my boys and they all behaved really well and followed my directions the entire trip.  I tried to make it a little more educational, asking them which animals were mammals, if they were invertebrates, etc.  We took a few pics and the first one made them all laugh, seeing the giraffe licking the pole.  
I think I have a picture of me doing this exact same thing in the exact same place, measuring myself to the gorilla when I was maybe 7 or 8.  I'll have to have my parents dig it up for me.

Yesterday a package came in the mail from our cousin Leila (Justin's daughter) and her mom, Jane.  They live in Washington and we got to see them twice last year, which was nice.  Leila blends right in with my kids, with her platinum blonde hair and cute button nose.  Anyway, the package felt like Christmas came a little early.  Jane and Leila sent Emma a pink petticoat skirt and pink dance shirt.  She is in heaven and would wear it all day if I let her.
 Josh got a traffic mat that folds into a storage box and a set of wooden cars and traffic signs.  He told me yesterday he "loves it so much!"
Ben got a remote controlled car and two pair of Super Mario pjs.  He LOVES Mario (it's really borderline obsession) so these pjs are perfect.
Along with all this they gave me some bath salts and foot scrub, and a gift certificate to Olive Garden for Jake and I.  Thank you Jane and cousin Leila!!


Iliana said...

emma looks darling. there is a little girl in T's kindy class that looks just like her and everytime I go in I think of you guys. hope you're doing great!

Becky said...

So fun! Looks like you all are well!