Friday, October 17, 2008

Random Happenings

This video cracks me up. Josh does this thing now that Emma used to do when she was his age. When he smiles really big he grinds his teeth together and starts to shake his face and he tightens his fists so they shake too. It's hysterical. He knows it makes people laugh and is funny so he does it a lot to watch us laugh at him... silly boy. We all love him so much.

For FHE this week we carved pumpkins. The kids have been waiting to do this for weeks. Emma scooped out two or three handfuls of seeds and then wanted to wash her hands. She definitely doesn't like to get dirty. Ben was loving it, though and even drew his own picture of what he wanted the face to look like. We have all decided that Jake is the master carver, much better than me. He can make the circles come out perfectly round. I, on the other hand, practically butcher the face. As you can see below, Josh wasn't about to touch the pumpkin innards. I love that look he is giving Jake... "Are you FREAKING CRAZY?! I'm NOT touching that!!" Priceless.

As silly as this picture is, I had to include it on our blog. I went to Lowes two days ago to buy a new toilet seat and lid because the one for the main bath broke. As I was leaving I saw these garbage cans and grabbed one to replace our nasty, disgusting 8 year old one in the kitchen. The kids think it's the coolest thing, especially because it has a lid that pops up... something our other one didn't have. If they love them this much, maybe Santa should consider bringing one for each of them! Who needs Baby Alive and Pokemon stuff!

Truman, the dog. I don't talk about him much but just know, he is still alive and kicking. His two-week horror of a neuter job is finally over with and he's back to his normal self. He has needed a trip to the groomer's for months now and sadly, our dog is the last to get himself taken care of. He's the 4th forgotten child normally. This week was his week though and I took him to All Dog Grooming for an afternoon of pampering. He looked like a different dog by the time the girl was done with him. Jake just laughed when he saw him and couldn't believe it was Truman. He looks so much better now. His hair is short and soft and out of his eyes. He's a good lookin' dog. ;)

We joined the world of Netflix this week. My brother and sister-in-law had mentioned a few months back how much they loved it and Jake and I decided to give a try. We have our first movie coming in the mail today. (It's sad that the excitement in our lives revolves around things like this... but hey, you can't expect trips to Malaysia and New York every week!)


The Thornocks said...

wow, Truman does look a lot better. The last memory I have of him is a shaggy, blood stained, smelly dog. Good thing that's all over, huh? I want to carve pumpkins soon, but Chad wants to wait until the Monday before Halloween. I think we'll be doing it sooner if I have anything to say about it. It's so much fun and I know Jayden and Ryleigh will go crazy with it.

Sonja said...

I love the pics, (even the trash can)! I wish pumpkins were not so expensive here. We looked for one for our branch Halloween party next week. We found 4 imported ones at Cold Storage and asked how much they were. It took them about 5 minutes to get a price for it and they wanted 60RM, which is about $20. Ouch! We put it back and said no thank you.

Chelsea said...

Funny. I love Josh's face. That's priceless.

I would definately give them garbage cans for Christmas too. Why not?

Glad Truman is going better.

Adrienne said...

You know I look at your blog so I know what to do with my kids thats fun right! Very cute/Very Fun!

Brian said...

Holy cow! Emma's hair is getting freaking long! I love it!