Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to it

Hard to believe we're back to it.  Summer is over and school has started.  Ben and Emma were really excited about today.  When I came downstairs to make sure the kids were getting ready, they were already dressed, backpacks on, and nearly done with their breakfast.  We came outside and took our traditional "First day of school" pics in our front yard, said our family prayer, then headed out the door.  Jake came with us, like he has done every year, and I love that he does that.  The kids love it, too.  As we pulled up to the school Ben jumped out of the car and said, "Mom, I'm just going to go to where I think the 3rd graders will be."  Of course I told him to hold on so we could go together on his first day, but it made me slightly sad, knowing he is getting so big and independent and doesn't really need mom and dad to hold his hand anymore.  We walked into the school and were told where Ben's teacher, Mrs. Lewis, was, and Emma's teacher, Mrs. Gleed.  Ben was walking a couple steps ahead of us, anxious to get to his classroom.  There was a class list posted on the wall outside his door and he saw he had 2 or 3 good friends in there.  His teacher introduced herself to him, he hung his backpack up, found his seat, and then was ready for us to leave.  (I'm sure part of it was nerves, and the other part embarrassment. ;) ) Next we walked Emma to her classroom.  It's crazy to me that she is in 1st grade now, which means she's gone from 8:45am-3:30pm every day.  She is really excited that she gets to eat lunch in the cafeteria now.  Her friends Eliza and Hannah are in her class, and Hannah sits right across from her so she was happy about that.  She met her teacher, I gave her a hug, we said goodbye and then it was done.  Jake, Josh, and I walked back to our cars.  Jake left for work and Josh and I went home.  I don't know how Josh is going to survive without Emma around.  She is his buddy and they play together all day long.  It helps that Josh is going to preschool so he feels he's not missing out too much, although he doesn't start for 2 weeks so he's a little bummed.  He loves telling everyone his teacher is "Miss Kari".  He has his friends, Drew and Max in his class too which he is really excited about.  He will be gone Tuesdays through Thursdays from 9-11am.  I can't believe I will have no kids at home those couple hours a week.  My babies are growing up.  Wish they would slow it down a little. ;)

My silly kids
 Our 3rd grader
 Our 1st grader
 And of course little miss diva had to pose for another picture.  She cracks me up!  (Also, she chose this outfit last night to wear for her first day.  She got three new school outfits, and this one from Target is her fave.  She loves the shirt and says she feels so pretty wearing it.)
My big kids

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Sonja said...

Hard to believe school is starting already. They are so cute, can't wait to see Josh on his first day!