Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Family Pics!

My sister, Ashleigh, and her three girls came to visit last week.  Ashleigh was the photographer for our cousin, Logan's wedding.  While she was in town I took advantage of her awesome skills and had her take some pics of us.  The first three were taken at Memory Grove park.  We had been celebrating Josh's birthday at Seven Peaks waterpark all day, none of us had showered, we didn't coordinate our outfits or do our hair.  This is the "everyday Schipaanboord's."  Thought it would be good to have a couple family shots of us being, well... us.
These other pics were taken at the Salt Lake Temple, right before we went to our cousin, Hillary's wedding.  I did plan our outfits in this one.  I decided on the blue/yellow/white theme when I saw Josh and Ben wearing their blue dress shirts to church a few weeks ago.  I loved how cute they looked in them and thought matching yellow ties would look really nice.  I found Emma's dress at Costco for $12.99, my shoes at Payless, and the boys' ties at Tie One On at the Layton Hills Mall.  I borrowed my skirt from my friend, Meighan, and everything else we already had in our closets.  Jake and I had a little disagreement about which tie he was going to wear and ultimately he won, and I actually think now his choice was the better of the two anyway.  You were right, babe. ;)

Anyway, thanks again Ash for taking the pics and editing them.  You're super talented and we LOVE you!  Wish you guys could have stayed longer.  I guess next visit will be Israel in March?  Crossing my fingers it will be sooner.


Sonja said...

VERY cute! I love the Greens at the garden and Blues at the temple. (And of course, the people in the pics are dolls:)

Hailey said...

LOVE these pictures. Ash does so GOOD! Seriously! Jamie you look so good, I LOVE those shoes you are wearing at the wedding. What fun pictures to have. Good work Ash!

Nurse Heidi said...

Aaaaah, that header CRACKS ME UP! I love "real life" pictures :). Great job Ashley.

Bev Tate said...

ohh i miss u guys, u all look wonderful