Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Joshua Dean- My 4 Year Old

July 26, 2007.  Hard to believe my baby is 4 years old.  I sometimes forget what a big kid he is until he does or says something that surprises me and makes me realize that he is definitely not a baby anymore.  Exciting and a little sad all rolled into one.  Thankfully he still gives me hugs and kisses, and tells me he "loves me most." He's our special little guy.
Birth picture from the hospital
6 months
1st Birthday
2nd Birthday
3rd Birthday
4th Birthday
Josh adores his older brother and sister.  He loves when they play with him, and laugh with him.
Josh and Emma decided to attack Ben with hugs and kisses (not something an 8 year old really loves.)  They chased him around the living room and I managed to capture this pic.  
Josh looks up to Ben and wants to do everything he does.  Thankfully, Ben doesn't seem to mind too much.  They are good brothers and I hope they stay close friends forever.
Josh was so excited that him and Ben got matching snake shirts.
Emma is Josh's 2nd mom.  She loves to help get him dressed, make his lunch, play outside with him, etc.  Josh loves having her around.  It will definitely be quite an adjustment for him not to have his big sister around during the day when she starts 1st grade next month.
 Josh & Emma showing some love.
Zions National Park- Showing off his big muscles
 We celebrated Josh's birthday on Saturday while my parents, sister, and 3 nieces were in town.  We spent 5 hours at Seven Peaks-Salt Lake and had a blast.  Josh loved every second he was there.  That night we had cake and ice cream and Josh got to open his present... a blue razor scooter with TWO wheels.  He has been asking non-stop for this for the past month, saying Emma's old pink princess scooter with THREE wheels is "too little" for him.  
 Josh was thrilled when he opened up his present and asked to open the box right then so he could go out in the front yard and ride it.
 Such a big boy!
 Now he can be like his older brother and sister.
 Josh completes our family.  He is such a sweetheart and we all love our little... ahem, I mean, our "big" guy.  Happy Birthday, Joshie.  We LOVE you!


Sonja said...

That was wonderful, he IS getting so big. I'm glad we could celebrate a little with you guys. How was the rest of the party?

Justin C said...

Hmm. Me thinks I need to send a game to the little tike for a belated b-day. :D

I have to start early if I want to turn him into a game player like Ben.

Seriously, though, he looks so big (and cute!).

Melanie said...

I seriously feel horrible. I remebered to call Josh as we were driving home from dance yesterday, but wanted to wait until we got home so Isabelle could also sing. And of course, then I forgot. Please tell him Happy Birthday! I hope he likes the b-ball. Btw, the pictures of your family on facebook are gorgeous.