Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 3- 100 Day Challenge

I laughed when I saw this picture.  Are we all this happy with 3 bites of salad?  I love salad with lots of cucumbers and carrots, and tomatoes.  The tiny little plate is just that, tiny.  Hope you're all eating more vegetables than this guy. ;)

Day 3, 97 days.  Is everyone still committed?  Still going strong?  I hope so!  I've been so impressed with you guys and just know that by the end of this, we will all have learned some great things about ourselves.  We all have it in us to stay committed and motivated, we just need to dig deep and DO it!  71 people have committed to this.  That is amazing!  For those who are getting to this a little late, we would still love you to join.  It's never too late to start, so just leave a comment with your goal and I'll get you added to the Participant List.

My genius husband told me yesterday I needed to create a spreadsheet for all of you, so you can keep track of yourselves and mark the days you complete your goals.  So that's what I did.  HERE is the link.  Everyone needs to go there each day and put an X on the days you follow through with your goal.  This will keep you accountable to all of us, knowing we can all see each person's progress.  I will post the link each day to remind you about the spreadsheet.  

I just have to say, this week has been nuts.  We had Emma's birthday on Tuesday and all that goes along with birthdays.  Work is crazy because we have the dancers' first performance on Saturday so I've been at the studio late every night this week, trying to get costumes together, contacting parents, sending out reminders, etc.  And then Jake left this morning for a work conference in Oregon.  I'm proud to say, though, despite having a crazy hectic week, I've still stayed strong.  Monday I went to Body Combat (a 60-minute kickboxing and taebo type class) at 5:30am.  Tuesday I lifted weights for an hour, doing the Body Pump class.  Yesterday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill.  Today I did weights for 30 minutes, and then did my Body Combat class for 45 minutes, then had to leave early to take Jake to the airport.  I've been pushing myself more than I have the past couple months, trying to throw harder punches, higher kicks, longer sprints.  I feel a difference in myself, mentally and physically.  All great things!  I've done well with my food, too.  I eat anywhere from 1200-1400 calories, depending on the day and how much I worked out.  I have my stock of healthier food ready to go.  I have my Yoplait light yogurts, bananas, apples, lettuce and turkey wraps, granola bars, Healthy Choice meals, Progresso soups, and more.  What healthy foods are YOU eating?

My Comments to You:

Ash- I checked out your Whittle My Middle post with your end results and you look awesome.  Now that you have the hot bod, you can get the running down, too.  Sounds like you're working hard on your H2C training.  And yes, you will let me show your pictures.  No debating.  If I'm pulling mine out, you can, too.  No, I don't think frosted mini wheats and fiber one bars are cheating.  Those things at least have more nutritional value than brownies, cookies, and all that stuff.  Keep doing what you're doing!  You will be running circles around me by June!

Tiffany- Great job sticking with your goals.  Don't you love dancing around with your daughter?!  That's one of my favorite things to do with my kids.  We crank the radio and dance around the living room.  (Good thing they don't know what a "good" dancer should look like, because that is definitely not me.)  Keep pushing!

Karyn- So glad you want to do this, especially with just having little Burton not too long ago.  Can't wait to hear all about your post-baby progress.  I'm sure you easily pick up right where you left off (assuming Burton is letting you get enough sleep... crossing my fingers he is an angel third baby, like mine was!)

Kale- It's great that you found me and have been keeping tabs.  (And no, it's not stalkerish.  We all do it, right?!)  I added you to the master list and can't wait to hear about your workouts.  Are you guys still in Utah?  My second boy just grew out of your son's jeans that you gave me for Ben a long time ago, and I thought about you as I packed them away.  Glad we are reconnecting!

Marci- You are killing it!  Nice work with jazzercise and dodgeball.  Now, I don't want you starving here.  Try to eat more during the day, but smaller meals.  Or have healthy snacks (in appropriate portions) ready to go for when you need a little something.  The key is to be prepared.  If you don't have your meals planned out or healthy snacks available, you will go for what's easy and fast and that's usually not food that is the best choice.  Also, if you wait to eat until you're starving, you will want to eat way more than you should because you are so hungry.  So, try eating more often, smaller meals, plan them out, and have healthy snacks ready to go.  I wrote a little bit about calories and gave some low-cal food ideas HERE, and HERE.

Whitney- WOO HOO!  Way to make your goal this week.  How far did you go?  Did anyone go with you?  I need details, woman!

100 Day Challenge
List of 71 Participants & Their Goals

4myFLF (BBC)- Exercise 1hr/day, 6 days/week, and at least 1 day running outside

Abby Cherry- Continue my cycling training, compete in 2 "Century" bike races this summer, feed my body well, and maybe do the calorie tracker

Adrienne Yancey- Lose 15 lbs, continue training for 2 half marathons (April 30th and May 22nd) and the Little Red Riding Hood bike ride for cancer research on June 5th (36 miles, maybe 50), start tracking what I eat 

Amber Vester- Limiting sugar to 1 day/week, watching calories and keeping under 1500

Anna Zobell- Continue working out 6 days/week and writing down what I eat (and the calories), reach and maintain my high school weight (I actually only have 1.5 lbs to go, I've already lost 21 lbs since last Feb, but I want to reach my goal weight and maintain it)

Annie McDonald- Train for a triathlon

April Appah- Exercising at the gym 3 days/week for 60 minutes each workout, losing 2 lbs/week (28 lbs in 100 days), doing the S diet

April Smith- Get up the same time every weekday, try to get sufficient sleep, make more meals from scratch

Ashleigh Thornock- Sweets one day/week, run 3 times/week to train for the Hood to Coast relay (be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes)

Becky- Sleep at least 8 hours each night, and get up at the same time each morning

Beth Binks- No sugar/treats for 100 days

Beth Redmond- 20 minutes of exercise every weekday, and to keep healthy and eat right

Bethany (betnotbe on BBC)- Exercise 4 days/week, not make treats every day, only eat when I'm hungry, take care of my body during my pregnancy (due June 10th), start posting on my weight loss blog again (, I am 26 weeks pregnant and by 40 weeks I want to be in better shape than I am now

Brooke McLane- Get healthier

Camille Duckworth- Continue to eat healthy, exercise, drink my water, start tracking my progress (weigh ins, measurements, and exercise ability), have my baby and work back up 

Chelsea Whitney- Plan my meals and stick to the plan, exercise 5x/week

Crystal (BBC)- Wake up early and exercise every day (and also want to complete P90X again)

Cyd McBride- Turn off the tv, the computer, my cell phone, and my iPad at 11pm and go to sleep earlier (I am addicted to staying up until 1 or 2am every night)

Dane Redmond- Ride 1000 miles on my bike from March 1-June 8

Darren Johnson- No soda

Debbie Tripp- No sugar for 100 days

Deborah Hill- Exercise at least 3 times/week (try for 5), focus on what I put in my mouth

Elle H-T- Ride a "Century" (100 miles) in a bike race on June 4th

Emily Gray- Train for a 60 mile bike race in June

Erin Smith- Not drink any soda for 100 days

Heidi Vawdrey (BBC)- Lose 5 lbs and be down to 137 by Jamie's birthday, do weights 2x/week

Iliana Gardner- 45 mins 5x/week on the treadmill

Jaci Inman- No eating late, not giving into my sugar cravings, and working out daily

Jake Schip- Get up at 7am during the week and run with the dog

Jamie Schip- Be a size 4, lift weights 3x/week and continue working out 5-6x/week, run the Fight for Air 10K on June 4th

Janica (BBC)- Be active 5 days/week, be better about portion control and making good choices, run a 5K in April and maybe a 10K, continue to lose the 20 lbs left of baby weight by June 23rd (my daughter's first birthday)

Julie Greenberg- Exercise 3x/week, track my calories in an attempt to eat healthier, and lose some weight

Justin Call- Workout 5x/week from 7-8am, be in bed by 10pm and wakeup at 6am, continue training for the New England Ragnar Relay in May with Collette

Kale Cloward- Workout 5 days/week (burning 500 calories each time)

Kameron Dill- Continue training for a 1/2 marathon in June, commit to being in the word 4 times/week for the 100 days

Karyn Tripp- Try to get to my pre-baby weight, start running again

Kim Johnson- Rev up my metabolism by eating smaller healthy meals, exercising 4x/week, increasing my hours of sleep, and dropping 15 lbs in 100 days

Kristine Stecker- Be more fitness oriented post pregnancy

Kristy Crane- Exercise 4 times/week (one day of swimming), eat only 100 calories after dinner, continue training for the Bear Lake Brawl sprint triathlon in August

Lisa Betts- Go to the gym 2-3x/week, tone & lift weights 2x/week... and I will get on the floor and play with my kids, I want to feel strong again and lose 4-6 inches in all my saggy areas, (I'll try to be in bed before midnight, and snack on healthy food, maybe work up to doing P90X)

Liz Olsen- Exercise 3-5 times/week, continue taking my vitamins and calcium, schedule my yearly physical with my doc, and to be able to play soccer with my girl's team during the spring and fall

Lynnae Hahn- Exercise and keep moving using the Xbox Kinect and my gym membership 

Mallory Schip- Continue working out 5x/week, lose 18 lbs, run a 5K, train for a 10K in July, and continue not eating any meat

Marci Garland- Exercise daily, have better eating habits, restart my weight loss journey (lost 30 lbs. 2 summers ago but gained it all back, this time I want to lose it and keep it off), run parts of a 5K race I'm doing in May and a 5 mile race in June

Matthew Powell- Workout every day except Sunday

Meighan Smith- Run 3-4 times/week to train for the Wasatch Back, lose 10 lbs, and get up at 5am and do Body Combat every Monday with Jamie ;)

Melanie Fida- Lose 8 lbs by June 8th, continue not eating french fries and in 100 days be down to 1 Dr. Pepper/week, continue tracking my calories and exercise on

Naomi Forsyth- ??

Naomi Nicholes- Train for a 5K on April 23, maybe do the Starlight run in May, lose 10 lbs (1lb every 10 days), get to bed by or before midnight

Nicole- Get in shape for the San Diego Half Marathon, and run it on June 5th

Nicole- Run the Shamrock Run on March 13th, lose 40 lbs by my 11th wedding anniversary (May 27th), start the S diet, workout at least 5 times/week

Polly Tribe- Exercising one day/week with Elle

Rebecca Stephens- Workout 4x/week to help train for 3 triathlons I'm doing this year (the 1st being June 18th)

Robin Saeva- Getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night, eating one less sweet treat each day

Selena Berg- Exercise 3 days/week, eat less junk food

Shana Mollerup- Workout 5x/week, stay within my calorie limit, reach my desired weight by June 8th

Sharie Giles- Commit to a healthier lifestyle by preparing healthy meals for my family, continue spinning 3 days/week to get myself in shape for Little Red Riding Hood on June 4th, and try to sleep 8 hours

Sonja Call- Continue training with the Liberty Fit group for the Helvetia Half Marathon in June, running long runs on Saturdays with dad

Steph Burdick- Go to bed before midnight, eat five small meals/day

Steph Dewey- Go to bed before or at 10pm each week night and wake up before or at 6am, get my left leg back to full strength (just had surgery to repair my achilles tendon), and continue to follow the S diet (no Sweets, Snacks, or Seconds except on days that start with S)

Steph Tagge- Lose 20 lbs. or 1-2 lbs/week, continue to workout every morning and do weight training 3 times/week, continue training for three bike races, and train for Ragnar (assuming my knee cooperates)

Stephanie (BBC)- Exercise on the treadmill at least 30 minutes 3x/week to lose my baby weight

Susi Mabey- ??

Tammy Brown- Sweets once/week, exercise at least once/week

Tiffany Precissi- Exercise each day no matter how minute it is, track what I eat

Tina Ponder- Go back on a 6-day/week fitness plan, and to find greater worth in my role as mom (do a little better, get more creative, more quality me invested in what and where I am now)

Tonya Tripp- No sugar for 100 days, train for the Utah Valley Marathon and hopefully qualify for Boston

Traci Johnson- No soda, workout 3x/week, no eating after 8:30pm

Verenice Powell- Personally read the scriptures and pray for the next 100 days

Whitney Call- Run every week


Tiffany Precissi said...

So far so good today. I've done a dvd workout and plan to at least for a walk, if not a run, later. And I've tracked all that I've eaten so far. Thanks for being my motivation!

Stephanie said...

Walked the treadmill again last night, this time at a speed 3 instead of 2.5. Eventually I'll work up to actually jogging instead of just walking.

bonitabril said...

I have been doing pretty well I made bread last night for dinner, not the most balanced meal but I had eaten quite a bit while at work, I am still working on making a menu so I will have healthier meal options while at work.
I have also been good at getting more sleep and waking up at the same time. I also joined a gym yesterday and have 1 workout buddy right now that is going to help me exercise, I also found a cool app for my phone that counts calories and takes into account how much I exercise so that has been fun working on as well!

Annie said...

Thanks for the spreadsheet! Good idea! :) I decided to add to my goal, since I am trying to do it- I might as well put it in writing- calorie counting!!! I am loving! :)
Keep up the good work,Jamie! You are such an inspiration!

Darren and Traci said...

yes I agree the spreadsheet was a good idea. I printed that "10 reasons stop drinking soda" article you posted and taped it up so I see it each day. Even though I've always known it was bad for me it helps to have a constant reminder. Darren and I are still missing our soda but have surprised ourselves with our commitment to stay away from it so far. Thanks again for motivating us all do this stuff :)

Janica said...

I'm doing well. I have exercised every day this week, including last Saturday. (my weigh in day is Friday with a friend). I did Pilates and ran 2 miles on Monday, went to the gym and ran 3 miles in 29 minutes and did the stair stepper for 10 minutes, Pilates last night, I will run tonight and then again on Saturday. I am good with running the 5K on the treadmill but I need to do more work outside so I can get used to the difference. It is harder outside.
My food has been pretty good. I am still nursing so I shoot for around 1500 calories.
And the best of all...I wore my size 4 pants today! Granted they are a size for at Old Navy so they run a little big and I could wear them before but they weren't comfortable. I actually wore them out today! I am weighing in tomorrow and hoping to see at least a 2 lbs loss (Aunt Flo visited this week).
You're awesome and thanks for giving me more of an opportunity to be accountable.

Jenni said...

I'm a little late, but can I still join?

If so, my goal is to run a 30 minute 5K by my Birthday (July 11th).

Anonymous said...

My favorite "healthy" food is Thomas' Bagel Thins! The whole wheat ones are my favorite! They are only 110 calories! I have started making sandwiches on these instead of normal bread. A typical sandwich is: Bagel, cucumber, mustard, onions and lettuce. Yummy!

Erin said...

When I set my goal I knew it had to be simple. Even to the extent that I had to do less and not expect myself to do more of anything. So far, so good on the soda. It's actually been kind of hard for me, because when I stress that's where I turn. But for now I'm thinking in the short term, like when we get into the 80's (days left) it will seem a little bit closer to the end of this. And hopefully by the end I won't crave the soda at all. :) And hopefully soon I'll have more motivation again to eat better and exercise. But for now, I'm concentrating on no soda!

Angela said...

Hey, can I join in? I'd like to take the 100 day challenge. For 40 minutes a day/5 days a week I want to write my book.

Hailey said...

Jamie I am IN. Sorry I'm late.....I've known about it but have been debating on whether to commit or not. haha I just needed to mentally be ready. I'm there.
My goal(s):
1. Lose 10 pounds. I want to feel good in my clothes. Which means be to my pre-pregnancy weight from before I had Mae. That would be 112 pounds and a size 2. Right now I am about 122 pounds and a small 6 or big 4.
2. Exercise 5 days a week. Just get moving. Do my workout videos. Go running. Go to the aerobics class I go to with Mal every Wednesday night.
3. (This goal will continue past the 100 days. I'm using this to get me started NOW. Its of course, coupled with my exercising.) I want to run 8.5 minute miles in the Hood to Coast. Last year I ran about 9.5-9.75 minute miles at my best. Jamie, do you think this goal is too hefty between now and August?

You rock for doing this. I love seeing everybody coming out of the wood work signing up to be a part of it. Its great. Thanks for the inspiration! I hope everyone stays committed. Especially ME!

Sonja said...

well, I have to bow out of Liberty fit and any running. (DARN!, I'm so looking forward to training), My torn meniscus has me hobbling around in TONS of pain from running Tue. and Wed. The ladies at work threatened to tie me down if I tried to run today. So my new goal is to do weight training 5 days a week because nothing's going to happen involving my legs until this thing heals:)

Garland Family said...

Thanks for the eating tips! I did better today and didn't feel as hungry. I know if will take some time since I have cut my portions and calories in half! I am more aware of what's going in my body. I have almost rid the house of the unhealthy foods, such as chips cause they are my weakness and would rather not even have them in my house! I know it will take a few for my stomach to shrink and not get used to eating so much. My body is sore from Jazzercise yesterday but I know that's a great thing, lets me know I used to muscles I haven't used in a while. I didn't make it today unfortunately my baby is sick and can't take him to daycare and my husband didn't get off work in time. But I did do some heavy house cleaning and scrubbed my car inside and out. Didn't really have time to sit today. Oh ya, I walked around Costco! That's a workout all on its own pushing the big old cart haha!! ;) I have my blog back up and running so you can read up on more of my progress and journal entries.

Chelsea said...

Today, did great. Feeling better already.

Ashleigh said...

I am going to tweak my goal a bit, because I think I can do better. I am going to try and eat sweets less than once a week. I haven't really been craving them like I normally do. Normally I would have to have some kind of chocolate or sweet after dinner every night and lately that hasn't been the case. I'd say that I won't eat any sweets the whole 100 days, but I know that won't happen only because tonight someone specifically made me a treat when I came to their house and I felt obliged to eat it. So, I can't cut myself off completely, but I think I can get pretty close.
The running is such a challenge for me! I HATE that I can't run faster for long periods of time. I'm trying, but I am just hitting a mental wall every time. I wish you were out here to help me.

Kale and Rowdy said...

Thanks for adding me! We live in Heber, actually and love it. I have a blog too (not that it's exciting), just e-mail me if you want an invite.

~ Beth said...

So three days down so far...I have been running on my MIL's treadmill and i'm not a runner. But, slowly i'm pushing myself to become one! I have been eating a good breakfast, taking a multivitamin, and trying to eat something good for lunch. Last night we went to Arby's and I ordered the 450 C hard but i'll get used to it! Thank for the inspiration :)

Whitney said...

I ran with my roommate and she isn't a big runner, so we ran 2 miles. Hopefully we'll go 2.5 miles next week. (:

Verenice said...

We have been doing good. Matthew conned me into joining him on his goal. It is has been pretty good. We've been super sore the last three days but it's been worth it. Last night I couldn't even eat the donut that I had bought for the kids after the workout because it seemed so gross to me. BUT, I did eat it this morning. Whoops. Better stop buying those things. My personal goal has been going well also. I almost forgot last night to do it because I was SO tired. But thanks to Matthew, he reminded me that I hadn't read and I was able to get it done. I was even able to go to the temple last night to do a session. The blessings of doing what it right. Thanks bud! Oh, and thanks for the spreadsheet.