Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 24- 100 Day Challenge

Day 24, 76 days left...

The Google spreadsheet is HERE.  Click on it and make sure to put an X on the days you follow through.  

Better Health Article: Side by Side Nutritional Comparison of Greek Yogurt- Here is a chart comparing Cabot, Oikos, Chobani, and Fage.

Also, wanted to say the verdict is in for the Greek yogurt.  I tried 5 brands and here is how I would rank them, based on taste:

Oikos w/caramel- My fave.  Got it at Target.  Liked the texture.  (The only negative is it came in 4 oz. instead of 6 oz like the others, so it's less than the rest.  I didn't mind though because it tasted so yummy.)
Chobani- Close second.  I ate a couple of these.  A few 0% fat, one 2% with peaches.  I liked them all and thought they tasted pretty good.
Fage- Pretty good.  A little thicker consistency than the first two.  Also, a slightly more "sour" taste than Chobani.
Yoplait- Okay, but now that I've tried all 5, don't think I'll be buying this one again.  Much prefer the first three over Yoplait.
Kroger- Alright.  Nothing special.

QOTD: How many hours of sleep (on average) do you get each night?

Naomi's comment yesterday made me wonder this.  Just curious how much all of you are sleeping each night?  I get to bed by about 10:30pm or 11pm and wake up between 7 and 7:30am.  So I do get 8 hours usually (except Monday mornings I wake up at 4:45am for my combat class.)

My Daily Update: So, my 3 year old is sick.  He woke up 8 times during the night, crying for his mama.  He has a 102 temp and I had to cancel the daycare at the gym, which meant no weight training or catching the last half of body combat.  And on top of it, I'm tired.  Really tired.  I'm focusing on my food today, going to put the kiddies down for their naps, and I plan to take a good afternoon nap myself.  I don't like missing my workouts.  But you know, sometimes the daily routine gets thrown out the window and we have to be flexible.  I just have to be okay with today being a lazy, recovery day.  In the meantime, I'm giving my little guy tylenol, cuddling lots, and getting in a few rounds of Hungry Hungry Hippos (his favorite game.)

My Comments to You:

Tiffany- Please tell me you took "before" pics and have written down your measurements!  I know you're going to see results, especially if you stick with CrossFit.  What's the hardest part with your food?  Eating too much?  Feeling like you're starving?  Too much sugar? Fat?  

Marci- Bora Bora would be an amazing spot.  8 years isn't that long either.  What a cool vacation to look forward to!

Ash- Sorry the blog comments have been messed up.  Wish things were easier for you right now.  Sounds like you have a lot on your plate.  Have you researched about the withdrawals?  How long does that usually last?  Poor Baleigh, too.  I hate when the kids get sick and she hasn't had a break from it in awhile.  At least the other two girls haven't gotten it.  (knock on wood!)

Nom- Hawaii, Caribbean cruise, months in Europe.  It all sounds heavenly, especially as I sit bundled up in our basement, freezing.  Wish you were here so we could kick our own butts together!  I couldn't imagine going to bed after midnight every night, Nom.  I would be so exhausted!  I guess your body is sort of used to it?  What time do your boys usually go down?  As for the food thing, I KNOW you can do it.  You've done it before when you were doing Weight Watchers.  I know that drive and motivation is there, you just have to find it, chica!  Every time I look at a plate of cookies or piece of cake, I ask myself if that feeling I get when it enters my mouth even compares to the feeling I get when I try on a skinny pair of jeans (and they fit!)  It's not worth it.  Not saying I don't eat stuff I crave, because I do.  But it's not very often and I try and make up for it by kicking my trash the next day at the gym.  You can do it!  That's awesome that you got some girls to do that run with you!  By the way, I'm not going much faster than 5.7.  I bet in another month you could totally run circles around me!  Keep going!!
Our Snack List

turkey wrapped in lettuce
mixed nuts (almonds)
cucumber slices
grapes (frozen)
apple slices (w/peanut butter, almond butter, or dipped in one Light Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese wedge)
granola bars
Greek yogurt (Zoi or Fage 2% w/packet of Stevia)
rice cakes
string cheese
hummus w/carrots or celery
homemade whole wheat bread
celery w/peanut butter
hard-boiled egg
Extra Sugar-free gum
Fiber One bars
100 Day Challenge
List of 73 Participants & Their Goals
(Click "Read more")

4myFLF- Exercise 1hr/day, 6 days/week, and at least 1 day running outside

Abby Cherry- Continue my cycling training, compete in 2 "Century" bike races this summer, feed my body well, and maybe do the calorie tracker

Adrienne Yancey- Lose 15 lbs, continue training for 2 half marathons (April 30th and May 22nd) and the Little Red Riding Hood bike ride for cancer research on June 5th (36 miles, maybe 50), start tracking what I eat 

Angela- 40 minutes/day, 5 days/week I want to write my book

Anna Zobell- Continue working out 6 days/week and writing down what I eat (and the calories), reach and maintain my high school weight (I actually only have 1.5 lbs to go, I've already lost 21 lbs since last Feb, but I want to reach my goal weight and maintain it)

Annie McDonald- Train for a triathlon

April Appah- Exercising at the gym 3 days/week for 60 minutes each workout, losing 2 lbs/week (28 lbs in 100 days), doing the S diet

April Smith- Get up the same time every weekday, try to get sufficient sleep, make more meals from scratch

Ashleigh Thornock- Sweets one day/week, run 3 times/week to train for the Hood to Coast relay (be able to run 3 miles in 30 minutes)

Becky- Sleep at least 8 hours each night, and get up at the same time each morning

Ben Schip- Play basketball 3 times/week, and do 10 push-ups 2 times/week

Beth Binks- No sugar/treats for 100 days

Beth Redmond- 20 minutes of exercise every weekday, and to keep healthy and eat right

Bethany (betnotbe on BBC)- Exercise 4 days/week, not make treats every day, only eat when I'm hungry, take care of my body during my pregnancy (due June 10th), start posting on my weight loss blog again (, I am 26 weeks pregnant and by 40 weeks I want to be in better shape than I am now

Brooke McLane- Shed 25 pounds, eat healthier snacks, plan healthier family meals, make exercising part of our weekly activities

Camille Duckworth- Continue to eat healthy, exercise, drink my water, start tracking my progress (weigh ins, measurements, and exercise ability), have my baby and work back up 

Celeste Stanger- Get to the weight where I feel happy and comfortable with myself.  That means I need to lose 11 lbs. and maintain it

Chelsea Whitney- Plan my meals and stick to the plan, exercise 5x/week

Crystal (BBC)- Workout every day and make better food choices

Cyd McBride- Turn off the tv, the computer, my cell phone, and my iPad at 11pm and go to sleep earlier (I am addicted to staying up until 1 or 2am every night)

Dane Redmond- Ride 1000 miles on my bike from March 1-June 8

Darren Johnson- No soda

Debbie Tripp- No sugar for 100 days

Elle H-T- Ride a "Century" (100 miles) in a bike race on June 4th

Emily Gray- Train for a 60 mile bike race in June

Erin Smith- Not drink any soda for 100 days

Hailey Scarbrough- Lose 10 lbs (112 and a size 2), exercise 5 days/week, run 8.5 minute miles in the Hood to Coast

Heidi Vawdrey (BBC)- Lose 5 lbs and be down to 137 by Jamie's birthday, do weights 2x/week

Iliana Gardner- 45 mins 5x/week on the treadmill

Jaci Inman- No eating late, not giving into my sugar cravings, and working out daily

Jake Schip- Get up at 7am during the week and run with the dog

Jamie Schip- Be a size 4, lift weights 3x/week and continue working out 5-6x/week, run the Fight for Air 10K on June 4th

Janica (BBC)- Be active 5 days/week, be better about portion control and making good choices, run a 5K in April and maybe a 10K, continue to lose the 20 lbs left of baby weight by June 23rd (my daughter's first birthday)

Jenni (BBC)- Run a 30 minute 5K by my birthday (July 11th)

Julie Greenberg- Exercise 3x/week, track my calories in an attempt to eat healthier, and lose some weight

Justin Call- Workout 5x/week from 7-8am, be in bed by 10pm and wakeup at 6am, continue training for the New England Ragnar Relay in May with Collette

Kale Cloward- Workout 5 days/week (burning 500 calories each time)

Kameron Dill- Continue training for a 1/2 marathon in June, commit to being in the word 4 times/week for the 100 days

Karyn Tripp- Try to get to my pre-baby weight, start running again

Kim Johnson- Rev up my metabolism by eating smaller healthy meals, exercising 4x/week, increasing my hours of sleep, and dropping 15 lbs in 100 days

Kristine Stecker- Be more fitness oriented post pregnancy

Kristy Crane- Exercise 4 times/week (one day of swimming), eat only 100 calories after dinner, continue training for the Bear Lake Brawl sprint triathlon in August

Lisa Betts- Go to the gym 2-3x/week, tone & lift weights 2x/week... and I will get on the floor and play with my kids, I want to feel strong again and lose 4-6 inches in all my saggy areas, (I'll try to be in bed before midnight, and snack on healthy food, maybe work up to doing P90X)

Liz Olsen- Exercise 3-5 times/week, continue taking my vitamins and calcium, schedule my yearly physical with my doc, and to be able to play soccer with my girl's team during the spring and fall

Lynnae Hahn- Exercise and keep moving using the Xbox Kinect and my gym membership 

Mallory Schip- Continue working out 5x/week, lose 18 lbs, run a 5K, train for a 10K in July, and continue not eating any meat

Marci Garland- Exercise daily, have better eating habits, restart my weight loss journey (lost 30 lbs. 2 summers ago but gained it all back, this time I want to lose it and keep it off), run parts of a 5K race I'm doing in May and a 5 mile race in June

Matthew Powell- Workout every day except Sunday

Meighan Smith- Run 3-4 times/week to train for the Wasatch Back, lose 10 lbs, and get up at 5am and do Body Combat every Monday with Jamie ;)

Melanie Fida- Lose 8 lbs by June 8th, continue not eating french fries and in 100 days be down to 1 Dr. Pepper/week, continue tracking my calories and exercise on

Naomi Forsyth- ??

Naomi Nicholes- Train for a 5K on April 23, maybe do the Starlight run in May, lose 10 lbs (1lb every 10 days), get to bed by or before midnight

Nicole Keller- Get in shape for the San Diego Half Marathon, and run it on June 5th

Nicole Fischer- Run the Shamrock Run on March 13th, lose 40 lbs by my 11th wedding anniversary (May 27th), start the S diet, workout at least 5 times/week

Polly Tribe- Exercising one day/week with Elle

Rebecca Stephens- Workout 4x/week to help train for 3 triathlons I'm doing this year (the 1st being June 18th)

Robin Saeva- Getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night, eating one less sweet treat each day

Selena Berg- Exercise 3 days/week, eat less junk food

Shana Mollerup- Workout 5x/week, stay within my calorie limit, reach my desired weight by June 8th

Sharie Giles- Commit to a healthier lifestyle by preparing healthy meals for my family, continue spinning 3 days/week to get myself in shape for Little Red Riding Hood on June 4th, and try to sleep 8 hours

Sonja Call- Weight training 5 days/week

Steph Burdick- Go to bed before midnight, eat five small meals/day

Steph Dewey- Go to bed before or at 10pm each week night and wake up before or at 6am, get my left leg back to full strength (just had surgery to repair my achilles tendon), and continue to follow the S diet (no Sweets, Snacks, or Seconds except on days that start with S)

Steph Tagge- Lose 20 lbs. or 1-2 lbs/week, continue to workout every morning and do weight training 3 times/week, continue training for three bike races, and train for Ragnar (assuming my knee cooperates)

Stephanie (BBC)- Exercise on the treadmill at least 30 minutes 3x/week to lose my baby weight, eat a healthy amount of calories every day

Susi Mabey- Train for the Fight for Air 10K on June 4th

Tammy Brown- Sweets once/week, exercise at least once/week

Tiffany Precissi- Exercise each day no matter how minute it is, track what I eat

Tina Ponder- Go back on a 6-day/week fitness plan, and to find greater worth in my role as mom (do a little better, get more creative, more quality me invested in what and where I am now)

Tonya Tripp- No sugar for 100 days, train for the Utah Valley Marathon and hopefully qualify for Boston

Traci Johnson- No soda, workout 3x/week, no eating after 8:30pm

Verenice Powell- Personally read the scriptures and pray for the next 100 days

Whitney Call- Run every week


Jenni said...

I sleep about 6-8 hrs a night.I definitely feel better when I get closer to 8 hrs of sleep.

Ashleigh said...

Right now I am probably getting maybe 5-6 hours of sleep a night, but that has to do with the Zoloft withdrawals and Baleigh waking up a bunch.

I did do a lot of research about the withdrawals and it just says that you should very, very slowly come off of the medication under doctor's supervision (I knew that, I just decided to be dumb and ignore it) and then it says "you begin to exhibit severe flulike symptoms - headache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, chills, dizziness and fatigue. There may be insomnia. Agitation, impaired concentration, vivid dreams, depersonalization, irritability and suicidal thoughts are sometimes occurring. These symptoms last anywhere from one to seven weeks and vary in intensity."

Anyway, it'll eventually go away, so whatever, I just have to deal with it.

Speaking of the Greek yogurt, have you tried the ZOI brand at all? That was the first brand I tried and although I wasn't sure I liked it at first, by the end of the tub I was craving the stuff. Could also be because I bought the 2% milk kind with the honey flavor which ups the calories, but it was still pretty good. I'm still figuring out which one I like the best. You can't eat the plain kind, whichever brand you try because it tastes gross, almost like straight sour cream. The FAGE is alright when it's mixed with the fruit, but you're apparently not supposed to "mix" it because it ruins the thick texture. I tried the Yoplait non-fat honey flavored kind the other day and it was gross. I wish I could find the ZOI Honey flavored in a non-fat version. I think I might like that.

Also, I made a healthy, vegan version of chocolate chip cookie dough today. It tastes alright, and I think it would be great with some non-fat frozen yogurt. Just trying to get my sweet fix while still being "healthy".

Ksenia said...

I'm so bad right now. I sleep around 5 hours right now (and not all in one chunk) and it is NOT enough. I am so much happier and more productive when I consistently get 8 solid hours. Regardless of the total hours, I feel better when I go to bed early.

You girls are so funny -- having 2% fat does not make something unhealthy (in moderation). Try not eating any fat for six months and you will die :) Obviously don't try it, but in a hypothetical situation you would.

Ashleigh said...

Oh, Ksenia I totally know what you mean about not getting enough sleep. Can't wait until I can sleep through the night again!!!

Also, I totally didn't mean that 2% fat was unhealthy. I just get plenty of fat as it is in my diet (maybe more than I should), so when I can take the 0% fat version on something I plan to eat a lot of, then I go for it. You're totally right, though. 2% fat is not bad, just good in moderation.

Selena said...

I try and get 7 hours of sleep. It has been a little less lately. I'm so busy.

Guess what? I finally was able to make it through my athletic step dvd! Yay! Now I am going to rotate it with other dvds. One of my favorite step dvds is circuit training. She does step routines and then does weight training in between. At the end she does strength training and abs. I love it. I'm also going to buy another dvd. I was sent some coupons in the mail for $10 off.