Sunday, September 19, 2010

Schip Happenings

We have a lot going on in the Schip household right now.  We always have a lot going on, but it seems since school started life is pretty crazy.  I doubt it's going to ever get less crazy, so I better just hang on for the ride!

Each morning Josh gets to hang out at the Gold's Gym daycare for 90 minutes and he actually enjoys it (as long as he has his blankie with him.)  He constantly asks me to take him to the park or go on a walk.  He loves being outside and I'm trying to take advantage of it before the weather gets colder.

Emma is loving kindergarten.  Her teacher, Mrs. Armknecht, is the best.  Emma adores her and loves having all her little friends in her class, too.  Emma is also taking 4 classes at the Jazz Studio: ballet, lyrical, hip hop, and jazz.  She loves it all.  The other day we were talking about Ben taking karate and Emma said "Mom, I want to take karate!"  I told her she could only choose one thing, karate OR dance.  She sat there for a minute and then said "I want to do both."  I said only one.  She sat there for a few seconds and then quickly said "I want to dance.  I love dance."  And she really does love it.  She likes to try and teach Josh dance moves and it's pretty comical.

Ben is doing great in school.  He is in the advanced math and reading groups and enjoys reading non-fiction.  His favorite books right now are about lizards and sharks.  Jake and I felt it was important to get him doing something extracurricular this year, since Emma has her dance.  We asked Ben what he wanted to do and the only thing that he was remotely interested in was martial arts.  I spent two weeks calling around, trying to find a place in our budget and had no luck.  Then last week I got a flyer in Emma's backpack from school, mentioning a martial arts 10-week course at the high school.  The instructor will be teaching taekwondo and the classes were well in our budget.  Ben starts this Tuesday and is beyond excited.  

We found out Jake passed the QEP two weeks ago which means he will be flying out to DC in November to take the Oral Assessment again, this time in the Consular track.  I'm hoping to be able to go with him this time around, then I can be there in DC to support him in-person.  Monday, the 27th we will know the exact date for his OA.

As for me, I already mentioned in my last post the CT scan.  My primary care dr called Friday night and said a radiologist hadn't even looked at it yet, which he found very strange.  Someone will look at it tomorrow, but my dr told me as far as he could tell, everything looked normal.  Good news!  (**Update: My dr called this morning and said the radiologist's report today said no recurrence.  He did see a slight pneumothorax and fluid in my lung but said that's somewhat normal to see that just 3 months after surgery.  My dr said that could be contributing to this cough I get off and on.)

I'm still working out and my lung capacity didn't seem to be getting better the past few weeks.  I took a couple days off and went on Thursday to my favorite class at the gym, Body Combat, and it was amazing.  I was able to push myself the entire class and not feel like I was going to pass out.  I was winded quite a bit, but I still managed to push hard all the way through.  I couldn't believe it when the hour was up and I wasn't completely mentally and physically drained.  This gave me hope that I can get back to where I was.  It might take a long while, but I do have hope!  My running is another story.  I'm having a harder time adjusting to that type of exercise.  I'm most likely going to do the Wasatch Woman Love Your Body 6K next month so I need to get serious about my training.  These next few weeks will be my test to see exactly where my body is at, physically.

I started my account rep job for Dr. Hess Udder Ointment August 1st.  I'm getting the hang of it and feel pretty confident now, but the problem is trying to find balance.  It's hard working from home!  Josh is quite the needy guy and doesn't like to be alone.  He's used to having two older siblings to keep him entertained so when they are not around, I'm the one he comes to for entertainment.  I thought I would work during his naps but it seems his naps are becoming less and less frequent and not as long as I would like.  So, quite often, my kid wins.  Thankfully, my boss is awesome and understands my dilemma and encourages me to be a mom first.  Sometimes I wish there were two of me!  I have to admit, though, a few times a week I put in a Mickey Mouse movie, pop a huge bowl of popcorn, and plop Josh on the couch so I can get a few hours of work in.  Not exactly "Mom-of-the-Year-Award" behavior, but sometimes there really is no other choice.  I bow down to you working moms.  It's tough trying to find that balance.  If anyone has the secret to making it all work out perfectly, just let me know.

Just over two weeks ago I found out some devastating news about one of my close friends.  I have been trying to help her in any way that I can and I just hope she knows I'm here for her, no matter what.  She is an amazing woman and I'm lucky to have her as a friend.  Love you, A!

Last Tuesday I had my makeover by a boutique in Salt Lake called Hip & Humble.  I promise to write a whole blog post about it once I'm allowed to post the pictures.  (I had to promise I wouldn't post pics on my blog or Facebook until Hip & Humble finished the video and uploaded that and the pics to their Facebook page.)  I'm hoping they will get that up in the next few days, then I can write my post.  I had a blast and loved being pampered for a whole day.  Pics to come soon... I promise!

Our family went to the Ward Campout last weekend up in Heber and had a great time.  We didn't get up there until after 7pm Friday, and left yesterday around 10:30am, so we didn't stay long but the time we were there was fun.  We love our ward and all the wonderful people in it!

Until next time...

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So glad you had fun with the makeover and that the scan came back okay. Good luck with the OA!