Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Lucky Streak

Boy do I feel lucky!  I found out last Saturday that I won a makeover (free clothes, haircut, and makeup) from the cute Salt Lake boutique, Hip & Humble.  Thanks to my sweet friend Abby, who nominated me, my sister Ashleigh who rallied the troops, and many of you who voted for me on Facebook.  Just reading the comments of those who were thinking of me and supporting me made me teary-eyed more than once last week.  I won the contest by more than 200 votes.  Crazy!  Thanks, everyone.  It means more than you will ever know.  The actual makeover will be Tuesday, the 14th and I promise to post pictures after it's all done.
The lucky streak continues!  I found out today that I won an awesome sports bra from Handful Inc.  My good friend and elite athlete, Leslie, posted on her blog about this drawing for a free sports bra.  This bra sounded like something I could really benefit from, because it not only supports but also has padded inserts.  Yep, the 'ladies' need a lot of help in this area.  TMI, I know.  I just ordered the pink one and can't wait to give it a try!  (Now, if I could only get the girl's body in the picture, too, then I would be set! ;) )
And I guess I have to post one UN-lucky thing here, just because it's slightly humorous, and to even out the good luck.  Balance in everything, right?  On Monday, Labor Day, Jake and I decided to do something fun with the kids that didn't cost any money.  Well, we drove the kids up to Big Cottonwood Canyon and hiked Donut Falls.  It was my first time, the kids too, so Jake had fun showing us the ropes. Once we got to the falls, Ben and Jake hiked to the very top (a little too dangerous for Emma and Josh).  When they got back, I hiked up by myself, because Jake insisted on me seeing it since it was a pretty neat thing.  He was right.  It was cool and I was glad I did it.  Well, fastforward 20 minutes later when we get to our car, and lo and behold, a $75 (yes, SEVENTY-FIVE) parking ticket.  Yes, we knew we were parked right next to a "No Parking" sign, but so were 20 other cars because there was no where else to park.  It was super crowded Monday, being a holiday and all.  The most frustrating thing was, there were no other tickets in sight.  Our car was the only one with a ticket.  Nice.  So, what first started out as a cheap, fun family outing, ended up costing us a whopping $75.  Argh.  Oh well.  We still had a fun time, despite that little detail.


Bill, Katie, Cole, and Drew said...

YAY! So glad you won. I can't wait to see pictures :) Sorry about the ticket. That is a ton of money! So much for doing something for free...

The Thornocks said...

Would you like to enter all of the blog giveaways that I continue to try and win and never do? Maybe you might have more luck. You will definitely have to post pictures (maybe not so much of your bra...but, I don't know, maybe you do!).
That totally sucks about the ticket, and I'd be irritated at being the only one to receive one. Hopefully it was a fun day. It looks like it was.