Saturday, January 23, 2010

January ramblings...

It seems January is quite the 'downer' month. It's cold, the holidays are over, it's back to the grind of normal every day life. The Schip's are still finding things to smile about every day, though.

Emma LOVES her preschool (Canyon Preschool in Bountiful). Miss Kari and Miss Kathy are wonderful teachers, very organized and great with the kids. This past Thursday I was a parent volunteer for a field trip to the Bountiful Animal Clinic. The kids loved seeing the animals and had a fun time. Here is Emma listening to Toemi's heartbeat. Right before we entered the clinic Emma said "Mom, you and me can't be near the cats okay. We are lergic." It's true. We found out over Christmas that Emma is indeed allergic to cats (just like I am.) She played with my friend's cat and within a few minutes her eyes were red and swollen and her nose was running. It still doesn't stop her from loving the kitties though. She is definitely an animal lover.

Today we went sledding (after much hounding from our oldest). It's sad to say this is the first time we have been this season. All the kids loved it, even Josh. When we were walking to the car Josh told Jake "Dad... is fun. Dad. Fun!"

This last picture of Emma made me laugh. She's quite the character and has been from day one. I love her 'scrunchy' nose and cute dimple (both she's had since birth.) To prove it, I found some old pictures of her. It's hard to believe my kids were really ever that little.

I'm helping my friend, Selena, plan a baby shower for a friend of ours. I told her I would help make some invitations and I found this template online. It's adorable and easy to make. I tweaked mine a little from the actual example because I 1) was a little lazy and 2) didn't have all the tools the girl had to make her version of it. I still thought it turned out just as cute. Anyway... a great idea if you need to make baby shower invites/announcements/cards.

And that's it for my January ramblings. Until next time...


Dream Big Designs said...

That is sooo adorable! And the scrunchy nose thing is so cute! You do it too, ya know? Anyway, love ya!

Ashleigh said...

Yes, Emma gets the scrunchy face from you. It's so cute! I remember her doing as a baby, too.

We have no snow here. It snowed while we were in Oregon, and then melted before we got back. I actually prefer it that way, even though we haven't been able to go sledding. Looks fun, though.

Your card is cute. I'm not crafty in that way, nor do I have the patience. When I'm pregnant, you'll have to make all my invitations and throw me a big party...well, okay maybe not, but it sounds good. Actually, if I get pregnant with a girl, the women in our ward won't throw me a baby shower. I understand the whole "she already has girl stuff" thing and not wanting to have to spend money on me, but I think it's fun to celebrate people having a baby, period. I guess we hope for a boy! Then you can send me all of Josh's stuff ;-)