Wednesday, January 13, 2010

200th Post!

To celebrate my 200th post, I thought I would write a Top-10 list of blessings in my life. It seems like lately my posts have been pretty negative. I know life has its ups and downs and it’s really easy to get caught up in the ‘downs’ and forget about the ‘ups’. So, here are the ‘ups’ in my life right now:

1. I have the gospel and the peace that comes from it. I know my Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself and at times that is what gives me insight and the faith to know my life is planned out according to His will... not mine.
2. Huge blessing, Josh woke up this morning symptom-free. No fever. No swollen eyes. No runny nose. He still has a little cough, but MUCH better than yesterday. This is so not-normal for him. Usually when he gets sick it lasts at least a week, and usually ends with a bad ear infection. If this isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.
3. I have Jake. He works hard for our family and is the best dad I know. He still looks at me like I’m the hot little 19 year old he met nearly a decade ago. He has a strong testimony of the gospel and lives it every day. Without saying a word, he did the dishes for me last night, gave the kids baths, and he didn’t complain when I told him everyone was fending for themselves for dinner. (I had been holding Josh nearly the entire day and just wasn’t up to cooking.) He’s the total package. Love you, babe.
4. My kids are my life. As hard as it is to be a mom, I wouldn’t trade it for any other job in the world. I know that what I’m doing right now, raising my children, is more important than any career I could have. I love them so much.
5. Jake has a job, and loves it. When I was at the Department of Workforce Services yesterday getting my CHIP papers, I saw at least 20 people there on the computers looking for jobs. I have seen loved ones lose everything due to the economy and it breaks my heart. Even with the huge pay-cut Jake took when he started his new job, you know... at least he has A job, and I’m so thankful for that. The best part is that he loves it. I think this is the first job he has ever had where he truly enjoys what he does and is passionate about his work. Blessings.
6. We have a home. I’m so thankful for this. In September we had a scary few weeks when we thought we might have to sell our house. It was actually listed for 5 days and our lives seemed so chaotic at the time. Our plan was to either live with Jake’s parents, or me move up to Oregon with the kids while Jake kept looking for a job in Utah and Oregon. It was a hard time. Thankfully, things have seemed to work out and we are thankful for this time in our great house. We know how quickly circumstances can change, so we definitely do not take any day here for granted.
7. I have a healthy body that lets me live a full life. During the Christmas break I was able to spend time with a good friend who just lost his sight due to radiation therapy he had a year ago to treat a growing brain tumor. I talked with him about his daily struggles, and it took everything in me not to tear up as I sat there with him. He is like a little brother to me and my heart just breaks when I think of all the trials he has gone through, and IS going through. He’s my rockstar, so strong and courageous, and he reminds me every day to be thankful for the body I have. Love you, Beau.
8. The possibility of living overseas. This is a mixed blessing for me. I get nervous thinking about bringing the kids to different countries, but of course I’m excited for the same reason too. It will be an adventure for us, something we would never get to do on our own. We will be able to experience different cultures, meet amazing people, and save a lot of money. It will be hard, and wonderful rolled into one and I’m ready for it.
9. We have family who love and support us. My parents have done so much for me and my family, too much to even list. Even with being 2 states away, they are still major rocks in our everyday lives. My Grammy Call is another rock in my life. I’m so thankful her and Grandpa only live 20 minutes from us now because most of my life we lived countries apart, as they served missions in Guatemala, Chile, and Ecuador. As for Jake’s family, I’ve told people before how I really lucked out when I married into the Schipaanboord family. I hadn’t even met them before we decided to get married and so that could have turned out very badly (meeting the man of your dreams and then realizing the family you’re joining is a nightmare.) Nope. Didn’t happen. They are so wonderful and supportive. I couldn’t have asked for better in-laws.
10. I have supportive friends who enrich my life. I’m a very social person and often need that extra interaction to keep me sane some days. ;) I am blessed to have incredible friends in my life who uplift me and make me better. You all know who you are... so Thank You.

I’m excited to see what the next 200 posts holds for our family, and I know, life is what you make it. Attitude is everything. The times in my life when things get really tough, I just have to remind myself that I would take my trials over the next person’s any day, and eventually I’ll get through, and I’ll be stronger because of it.


Anonymous said...

Good for you, what a great example you are. You do have a great little family. Good luck Jamie!

Ashleigh said...

I was praying last night for Josh to feel better. I'm glad he is! I love you Jamie. I don't know what I will do if/when you guys move away for so long.

Ashleigh said...

Why does it say you just put up a post titled The Smell of a Man, and it's nowhere to be found?

Whitney said...

That was really inspiring, dear. Thanks for that. You guys living here is a huge blessing in my life. Even if I don't see you too often, just knowing that I have family here that I can act myself around makes me feel loved and appreciated. But I'm excited for the opportunities you have to live abroad. Now I'll just have to see you wherever you go. (:

Anonymous said...
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