Saturday, November 1, 2008

Cats, Bats, and Transformers

It's hard to believe that Halloween has come and gone. With my parents in town visiting, it made the holiday even more fun for us and the kids. It was a very busy day! We went down to Provo to pick up my sister, Whitney, eat lunch at Chuck-A-Rama per Ben's request, and then visit my Grandma McDonald and Aunt Rhonda. Then we visited my Grammy and Grandpa Call in West Valley so the kids could show off their costumes. After that we headed over to Jake's parents' house so the kids could trick-or-treat there and get some delicious homemade Halloween sugar cookies. We got back home around 6pm and then left again to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood. The kids had a ball and by the end of the night were exhausted and doped up on more than the legal limit of sugar for a child. After we put them to bed, the adults relaxed on the sectional and watched "Mamma Mia!" (No, it has not been released in the stores yet. Let's just say my parents have some connections in Malaysia. Wink. Wink.) It was a cute show and Jake even made it through the whole thing without barfing, so that's saying something (although he did roll his eyes a couple times and possibly gagged, I'm not sure. ;) ) It was a fun night and we were all sad to see my parents and Whitney leave. Here are a couple more pictures taken the past couple days.

My sister, Whitney, and I at my Grammy Call's house. (Hey BOYS, she's SINGLE!)

Josh at a Halloween party we went to. He LOVES fruit so I thought a bat would be the perfect costume for him. He's for sure the cutest bat I've ever seen!

Jake is probably going to want me to delete this picture once he realizes I posted it here. Too bad. And no, he did not wear the wig the whole day... maybe 15 seconds, just long enough for me to take the picture.
Ben, the Bumblebee Transformer, with Whitney (aka Peter Pan).

Josh at Jake's parents' house. Adorable.

Emma, the pink kitty cat. When we were looking at costumes last month, I told her she could pick any costume she wanted. She was very specific and told me she wanted to be a kitty cat with a pink tail. I looked all over and then found this costume on eBay. She fell in love with it instantly. The faux pink fur is her favorite part, of course. Oh, and the make-up.

Ben, the Transformer. Funny thing is, I don't think he has ever even seen a transformer show. He knows it's cool though and I guess that's all that matters.

We hope you all had a great Halloween! I'm so excited for the holidays coming. It's such a special time of year.


Kristine said...

What cute costumes! Only thing missing is a picture of you (Jamie) dressed up!

The Thornocks said...

Oh, Jake, Jake, Jake! I seriously laughed out loud at that picture. You see? Chad isn't the only one to dress up for Halloween! Your kids are so cute. I think if Jayden had seen Emma's costume, she would have wanted it, too. Oh, and Whitney looks awesome. I especially love how scandalous she looks with that short little "shirt dress"! Row!

Cheri said...

Way awesome costumes. I can see what you mean by the bat wings, way cute!

Adrienne said...

I'm so glad to hear it was a great day! I love Halloween....even though I can't resist the treats. I loved your pictures!

Whitney said...

You put the lesbian picture up? Jamie! There were better ones where I didn't look butch and into you.

Cute kids by the way. Way to go.

jamieschip said...

I had to post this one. It was just too funny. Only you and I know how we really feel about each other. ;)

Sara said...

Your kids look adorable! Glad you had a great Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Jake and Russ seem to have the same take on Halloween. Oh, well your kids are adorable!!

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Cute costumes!