Thursday, July 24, 2008

Growing Up

My kids are growing up. As I watch Ben begin to read, Emma practice her dance steps, and Josh start to walk, I realize time is speeding by. My babies are getting older and I just hope when they look back at their childhood, they remember being surrounded by love. Jake and I try our best but most of the time we feel inadequate (like I'm sure all parents feel, at least at some point in their lives.) I'm glad my kids still shower me with kisses and hugs, require me to sing "Popcorn Popping" to them before they go to bed, and tell me I'm "the best mom ever." I'm sure this will not last so Jake and I better savor these challenging and wonderful times.

Here are the kids' birth pictures taken in the hospital. (We were told Ben looks like a bruiser in his picture. The poor guy was stuck in my pelvis for 12 hours, and then came out like Hercules, over 10 lbs.) It's hard to believe my skinny little guy used to be so huge.

Here are their 1-year pictures. With Josh turning 1 on Saturday, I've been thinking about this past year and looking at old pictures. It was fun to compare the three kids' pictures. They are definitely siblings, but all still have their own unique look. Jake and I make adorable children, what can we say?! :)


Sonja said...

Cute, I can't wait to hug and squeeze them when we come to visit! Time sure goes by fast.

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

They are so cute! Time flying by does make you want to snuggle your babies and kiss your kids more. Thanks for reminding me so today when they are tired from staying up way too late for the 24th I'll be nice. I remember seeing little (well big 10 pounder) Ben in the hospital. Your children are soooo darling.

Mindurs said...

I have to agree they are adorable and are growing up way to fast. I remember the day that you thought you might be pregers so you bought a pregnancy test before work. After you took the test you came into my office just beaming because you were pregnant. That was with Ben. Yikes, time really does fly by waaay to fast!

The Thornocks said...

Too cute! I love how they do all have their own look, but their are very obvious similarities, like their blonde hair, blue eyes and those noses. They are all the same! I love it. I can't believe how big Josh is. I was looking at the picture of all the grandkids together from February and I thought, "They all haven't changed THAT much from then to now." But wow, I didn't realize how big Josh was. He looks like a little boy now and not a baby!

hotmama said...

They all look so much alike. I can't believe how blonde they all are. You sure have a cute family. And may I say that you are looking good too, your workouts are showing!! Keep up the good work.