Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I apologize for not keeping up with all our news. It has been pretty busy around here. The latest news: Ben got his cast off today!! He didn't seem nervous at all, even when the nurse was coming at him with a mini-saw. His arm is still pretty weak and will take awhile to have full mobility. The x-rays taken today, though, showed his arm has healed nicely. He wanted to play catch with Jake tonight and we had to explain to him that even though the cast is gone, he still needs to be careful for a couple weeks and be gentle with his arm. When I put him to bed tonight he lifted his arm in the air and showed me it was a little shaky and then said "Mom, I think my arm wants it's protective shield (the cast) on again." Funny kid!

Last week was a nightmare. Josh had the flu from Saturday night until Wednesday. Emma threw up a couple times Monday. Ben got a cold (and is just getting over it.) Jake was sick on Sunday, and I was sick Monday to Wednesday, and then was still in pain until yesterday (read my last post and you will know what I'm talking about!) I only managed to go workout twice during that time. I went to the gym last night and then today my ankle has been hurting. I must have stepped weird and now I can't stand straight on it or it hurts. What is the deal??!! I just want to go workout, is that too much to ask?! I guess so. I'm scheduled to go in tomorrow at 9am and if my ankle isn't feeling better, I'm just going to do upper body stuff and hope my ankle gets better fast. In more positive news, I've lost 3 lbs. in two weeks. I hope it keeps melting off! I've been really good about eating my recommended 1500 calories (I usually come in well under that, around 1200.) I need to focus on eating more protein though. I like carbs too much and eat more than I should. At least I'm on the right track though.

Ben's last t-ball game was Monday. He was sad for it to end but then later informed me that he can play coach-pitch and "real" baseball now. I'm so glad he has found a sport he loves to play. I want to get him into swim lessons again too. He loved doing it last summer and I think he would learn a lot more, now that he's a year older. He loves the water and seems to have no fear when he's in a pool.

We sp
ent the 4th of July at the Bee's Game with my uncle Kristen, and cousins Shilo, Shelby, and Aubrey. We had a good time (even though the Bee's lost.) The fireworks at the end of the game were the highlight of the night.

Two weeks ago I took the kids to Gateway and they ran through the fountains for almost an hour. Ben had a blast and Emma was ready to go after 30 minutes. Josh watched and wanted to get in on the fun, but I wasn't up for chasing a baby around the fountains so he stayed in the stroller the whole time. (Also, he needed to wear a swim diaper and I didn't have one with me.)

Jake and I made some good friends the first year we were married and have stayed in touch with them for 7 years now. We all have kids the same age and try to have playgroups once a month. This last playgroup was at Nancy's new beautiful house in Spanish Fork. Emma and Nancy's daughters (Anna and Abbie) made up a dance to a Hannah Montana song and performed for us. I wish I would have taped it. They are so cute and of course, Emma loves to dress-up in all the Kirk's cute leotards (and they have plenty with 3 girls in the house!) Emma is in heaven over there. Ben was also in heaven, playing the Wii with his friend, Justin. It was hard to take him away from it. Justin is Lynda Day's oldest and he's 15 months older than Ben. The first time we hung out with them after we moved back to Utah last year, Justin brought over his Nintendo DS. Now when Ben refers to Justin, he says "You know Justin, my Nintendo DS friend." It's nice to know he labels his friends based on what toys they own. :)

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Abbie Anna and Megan said...

I am so glad that we are friends. Thanks for coming down. You are wonderful. Lets plan our next play date!