Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's been crazy!

I figured it was time for a much needed update. I don't know about the rest of you but man, it seems like life just got crazy these past few weeks. We have had all sorts of fun things happening in the Schipaanboord household.

I'm trying to write everything in chronological order (past events to most recent) but just had to put these two pictures of Josh up first (even though they happened today) because I believe they are worthy of first place in this massive post. My dear brother-in-law, Jake, saw Josh drooling over his white cake w/strawberries and whipped cream tonight. He let Josh have a little lick and Josh instantly turned into a ravaging monster. This little sugar binge kept Josh wired all night. He could turn into a sugar addict if we're not careful!

Emma and her two cousins, Hannah and Isabelle, went with me and Melanie (my sister-in-law) to see Disney's Princess on Ice on the 15th. They had a blast and Emma was in heaven (except for the part where Maleficent turned into a dragon and spit out fire at Prince Phillip.) Emma put her hand on my leg and told me that was scary. Other than that though, the princesses enchanted her and she had the time of her life. To be honest, I had a great time too. I've never been to a show like that and it was fun to see Emma so excited.

The biggest news is Jake turned 29 yesterday. I planned a surprise party for him and invited all his good friends from high school and our closest friends from law school. I had to be so sneaky and told hundreds of lies during the week, just to keep it a surprise. I had our neighbors pretend they invited us over for pizza to celebrate Jake's birthday. To say the least, Jake was not thrilled about spending his birthday at our 50-year old neighbors' house and he let me know his feelings quite a few times during the week. We got there and had a great time talking with them, enjoying their company and I got the signal from the party folk (my cell vibrated) and so I let Susi (our neighbor) know it was time and she asked Jake to get some ice for her, since their ice maker was broken. Jake went home to get a bucket full and all our friends were in our kitchen, waiting for him. It was great! Jake had no clue and felt pretty guilty afterward about all his whining and complaining all week. It was a wonderful night. Thanks to all our friends for coming, and thanks to the Mabey's for being such great neighbors and helping me lie and deceive my husband! Happy Birthday, baby. I love you. :)

Last, but not least, Easter. Our Easter was wonderful. I came out of our church meetings spiritually fed, so grateful for the life of our Savior and the gift He gave to us all. As for the festivities, we spent most of the weekend with Jake's family coloring eggs, flying kites, nice dinner, playing with Katie and Jake's rabbits, egg hunt, etc. The kids had a blast, and so did the adults. I love weekends like these, creating special memories with the family. There is nothing better. It reminds me again of how blessed Jake and I are to be back in Utah, with a great job, wonderful house, and near a lot of family.

Now we are caught up to the present. Ben is sick with a 102 temp. He said he didn't feel very good after church and was lethargic all night at Grandma and Grandpa Schipaanboord's. The poor guy is miserable. Hopefully a good night's sleep will help him feel better. I also forgot to mention an update on my wisdom tooth extraction a few weeks ago. It went great... probably the easiest thing I have ever done! I got a couple shots to numb me, I heard two very short cracking sounds (no pain though) and the tooth was out (yes, there was only one!) I had gauze in my mouth for the night and then after that I was good to go. Piece of cake! Jake reminds me if I would have had all four out it would have been much worse, like what he experienced. Well, I'm thankful for my sweet luck. I'll take one wisdom tooth over four any day. Also, my bronchitis seems to still be lingering. I thought I was getting better for a few days and now I'm back to this annoying respiratory crap. I have a bad cough and sound like a chain smoker. I'll tell you, I'm so ready to be 100% healthy. I told Jake how annoyed I am about this because I can't go running when my lungs are at 50% capacity! Hopefully our household will be 100% healthy very soon!


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Abbie Anna and Megan said...

pictures are worth a thousand words and I loved looking at each of the cute pictures. So funny to see the name Grandpa Call=feel like I should have been at the celebration.

Ashleigh said...

okay, I won't be lame and just leave a "comment" and that's it. I finally read it and actually had something to say. I noticed you gave Ben his kite that we lied to him about and told him it was for Jayden. Did he say anything about it when he saw it was for him? I don't think he ever bought the whole story that it was Jayden's and not his. He's too smart! Hopefully everyone gets to feeling 100%. Ryleigh is just barely getting over a gross cold and Jayden has just started with it. Fun, fun! I'll have to call you about my RS birthday last night. Let's just say I was bawling all morning about it. We'll talk later.