Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Pneumonia: an inflammation of the lung caused by infection with bacteria, viruses, and other organisms.

So, here I thought I was slowly getting better. On Sunday night I woke up twice in tears though because I couldn't breathe and was in a lot of pain. Jake had been telling me all week to go to the doctor and the superwoman inside me said "no way, I can ride this out." Well, I finally broke down yesterday and saw a doc and now I have full blown pneumonia, exactly what you want a week before you move. Of course, Jake was right (yes, I did just say that.) Now I'm just trying to take it easy and hopefully by the end of the week I'll have most of my energy back.


Amber said...

Jamie I'm so sorry you're sick! Let me know if you need any help with your kids, or packing boxes. Hey after wednesday I'll even help move boxes if it will help get this baby here!
Love ya,

Ashleigh said...

I'm sorry! I told Chad that if we had enough money I would ask his parents to watch the girls and I would seriously fly myself out there to help. I wish I could do something. You can call anytime you need to talk to someone. I'm here for ya...at least as much as I can be

Sonja said...

I started looking for flights home too. But I do not think dad and I would be happy apart that long. If it were closer to Jan. I would hop on a plane anyway. You are in our prayers!

Ksenia said...

I used to think that people didn't get pheumonia anymore. I thought it was like tb. But... I learned better. Jamie, that seriously sucks. I'm sorry. Zach and I both hope you feel better soon.