Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pink Eye & First Attempt at Solids

So, I realize the last few posts have been mainly about our new house and we definitely have more news than just that (although, it is BIG news for us.) Here are a couple other "happenings" in the family.

#1 Ben has pink eye again, the poor guy. He had it at the end of September and now has it again. Thank goodness I kept the eye drops. I dropped him off at his last day of preschool this morning and when I picked him up I noticed his eye was all goopy. There is nothing better than spreading acute conjunctivitis to your friends as a final goodbye. Ben is washing his hands constantly now and we are doing lots of laundry. I'm hoping no one else gets it. Emma got it from him last time. YIKES.

#2 (I'm not putting these two events in any order of importance, they are just the order I downloaded the pics... didn't want you to think I don't love my little Joshua.) Josh had his 4-month well check-up today. He is 50% for weight and 92% for height... he's definitely a Schipaanboord! The doctor said he looks like a 6-month old. When she put him on the table on his tummy he was trying to move all over and she said he's a strong little guy... but we already knew that. I attempted feeding him rice cereal for the first time tonight. He wasn't too sure of it (as you can see in the first picture) but then he was okay with it after a couple more bites. He's such a sweet little boy. I'm really blessed to have such beautiful children.

#3 Pictures of the inside of the house are coming, I promise. It took a little bit longer than planned to do Ben's room. We are painting Emma's on Saturday, and I'm trying to do the main bath as well. I don't know if I will get it done soon though, too many projects and so little time (and money!)


Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Okay-I'm here, so once pink eye is in the clear give me a call! Can't wait to see you and your CUTE family!

Sonja said...

Poor Ben, I remember those days with you kids, things just keep going around.
I can't believe how big Josh is. I want to get hold of him and cuddle him before he is bigger than me!

Mindurs said...

You are a constant blog checker like me. I love the pics! Poor Ben and his pink eye, that stinks. I guess we won't be visiting anytime soon. Yuk!

I can't believe Josh is eating solids - they grow up so fast.

Good luck with all your races this spring - I know you can do it. In fact I bet you could do a marathon as well. Come race with me - there is still time for you to start training.

Ksenia said...

Your boys are adorable! In that second picture Josh looks like a little, cute panda bear! Good luck with the pink eye.