Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The House

So, we had the appraisal done last week and found out on Monday the house appraised for 7K less than what we offered. It turned out to be in our favor because the owners negotiated and now we're getting the house for less. It looks like we will be closing on Nov. 19th and moving in the weekend after Thanksgiving. We are excited and know the Lord is guiding us to where we are needed.

Love to all,

PS I'm in a drug-filled daze right now, as I type this at 1:26am. I started getting the chills yesterday and feeling nauseous. Hopefully I'll be 100% very soon.


Ben, Julie, and Jack said...

That is very exciting news. Every little bit helps. Can't wait to see the house in person.

Sonja said...

I hope we can see the house while we are back in the USA! Get some sleep, you're in our prayers!