Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Schipaanboord Grandkids

A couple weeks ago we went to Gardner Village and had the Schip grandkids' picture taken. It was a gift for Jan's (Jake's mom) birthday. We got a couple funny ones and one good one where every single kid was looking at the camera. If you look at the second picture, you will notice Emma is screaming "cheese," Kimball is making a "cool pose," Ben's grabbing his crotch (most likely needing to use the bathroom), and Isabelle is giving Josh some "cousin love." Now why didn't we use that one?! :) It was fun to spend some time together and let the cousins play. We definitely have some good looking kids!


Mandee&Greg said...

I'm so glad your blogging now! These pictures make me happy. I can tell you guys are SUPER parents! Oh, and I Love your family picture. You are so pretty (the rest of your fam is good looking too). I think that's my favorite hair style on you.

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Anonymous said...

Darol here!
I'm not sure what viagra has to do with comments on your blog but I enjoyed the pictures very much. You are great.