Saturday, October 20, 2007

Guess who?!

Can you guess who is who? I found one picture of Ben in a photo album that looked exactly like Josh but it wasn't digital and I don't have a scanner. These are a few that show the kids' similarities though. Can you tell who is who?

Answers: 1) Ben 2) Josh 3) Ben 4) Emma


The Thornock Clan said...

Josh, Ben, Ben Josh? I don't really know, except the 3rd one is definitely Ben. His eyes are hard to miss, even when they are closed. I'll have to put some up of Ryleigh and Jayden. For the most part they look different, but there are some when they look identical.

Matthew and Verenice said...

I am so glad I found your blog. That is the one thing I don't like about the blogs, I don't know how to search for people. Well, your family keeps getting older by the minute. And, I hope you get the home you put the offer on. It is so cute and has great curb appeal!

West Family said...

I am not going to guess, but I am going to comment! I am so happy to have found your blog! Yea! Its so much better than the once year x-mas card~although it may make those not as exciting-oh well!
You have a great looking family Jamie! Owning your first home too, big step, but its about time right?!
I am glad you are in SLC. Do you still have many friends there? The Robinsons still?
We will be back there periodically throughout our lives b/c all of Chauncey's family is there. So, next time we have to see you all. That would be a blast!
How is everything going with three? Has it been a big adjustment, or are you just more busy? I hope and pray everything is great!

Jesse's Girl said...

Hey you... I just tagged you, go to my blog and get the rules.
Love Ya!