Monday, August 30, 2010

Future Blackmail

The hazards of having an older sister.

Josh is never going to live this down!  We had our friends, the Tuellers, over for a playdate on Friday.  Ben and Elliott were busy playing the Wii and Emma and Ava were playing dress-up.  Where does poor Joshie fit in?  Well, Emma was more than willing to let him come play with her and Ava, so he joined the fun.
  Then once he found the Spiderman costume, he quickly took the dress off, had me zip the Spiderman costume on... and wore it until bed time.  He cracks me up.

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The Thornocks said...

I love the dainty hands on the knee! How does Jake feel about this? The guy who wouldn't let his son wear a sailor outfit as a baby because it was "gay". HA! Oh Joshie, it's okay. We've got pictures of Uncle Justin in dresses, too...and he turned out...just...fine...;-)