Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Slight OCD Tendencies

Jake has pointed out over the years that I have some little 'quirks' that could be defined as OCD, slightly, and I've come to the realization that he is right. Here are just a few of those Jamie-isms that Jake is so lucky to have to deal with:

* I have a thing about colors needing to match. Jake asked the other day where our Paris picture went that was hanging in the dining room. I took it down. Why? Because we replaced the gold chandelier with a brushed nickel one, and the Paris picture had a gold frame. I don't want it in the dining room until I've changed the frame to silver. I like things to match. Take our annual family pictures, for instance. HERE. HERE. And HERE. See, the colors coordinate. And last but not least, the reason I started this post: changing my blog background. Why did I do it? Because the green I changed it to a few days ago was bothering me. It didn't really match with the family pictures on the right. So, I found one with some reds and yellows. Yes, I know I'm a little 'different.' Please tell me I'm not the only one! ;)

* When I make chocolate chip cookies (which tends to be quite a bit per Jake's request) I line up the cookies on a paper towel when they come out of the oven, and let them cool. If someone takes one, I immediately take the last one on the bottom and move it to the empty spot. I do this for two reasons. 1. I don't like seeing a gap in a line of cookies. 2. When the new batch comes out and I add them to the paper towel, I know they are the 'hotter' batch, being at the end of the line. I don't want them getting mixed in with the cooler batch up top. Makes sense, right?!

* When I go grocery shopping, I have to make a list... well, two lists. First, I make a list of all the food I need to buy. Then I pull out another piece of paper and put the food in order of where it is in the store. I will go over this final list two or three times to make sure everything is in correct order, you know, so I don't have to back track.

* I don't like to see open closet doors. I will shut them. Or drawers.

* I like to pluck my eyebrows. I don't do it every day, but when I do I could spend quite awhile in front of the mirror doing it. I've had a little thing with hair-plucking for nearly 20 years. It's not as bad as it used to be, but I know I still do it enough for my kids to notice. I realized this the other day when I was going to the bathroom and Josh said "Don't worry, mom. I'll get it." Then he proceeded to hand me my tweezers. Nice.

* I love a good deal... like REALLY love it. The thought of buying something for 50%, 60%, 70% off of the regular price sends crazy adrenaline through my body. My heart skips a beat when I see an awesome garage sale, find a great treasure at DI, buy a 5 pc Gymboree outfit for $10, or realize I've walked into the 50%-75% off clearance sale at Old Navy. Black Fridays get pretty intense for me, too, as seen HERE. Oh... and HERE.

* I balance our checkbook every day, even if we didn't buy anything the day before. I like knowing exactly how much is in our checking account, to the last penny.

* I'm a slight perfectionist at times, especially when making cards. I've spent over 2 hours on making one card. I know it sounds a little crazy, but when I'm in the zone, I'm in the zone.

* I am bothered when I see things hanging and that are crooked (i.e. paintings, clocks, wreaths, etc.) I have a friend who lives a block or two away from me. Every single time I drive past her house I see her two wreaths and the left one is crooked, not lining up with the other one. It's the first thing I look at every time I drive by, and I will, one of these days, fix her wreath. (Sorry Selena. I know I have a problem. ;) )

* I'm Jake's anal personal secretary. Ever since he was in law school, I would help him edit his papers and especially his cover letters and resumes he sent out to prospective firms. There were times I was up until 2 or 3am, finishing up his cover letters, just because I couldn't sleep knowing they weren't done.

* I check my e-mail at least 10 times a day. Don't want to miss anything important... you know, like the latest Facebook wall update, or something.

* When I am in-charge of something, I usually take over. I like things done my way and have a hard time delegating. Something I know I could be better about. (Sorry high school leadership, 10-year reunion committee, RS presidency.)

* When I mow the lawn, I like to do it the exact same way every time. This irks Jake to no end. He says it's better for the lawn to mow it different each time. Well, not an option for me. I go all around the outside perimeter of the yard twice, then I go up and down from left to right. Jake will laugh at this one... hopefully.

* If I'm sending off an important e-mail I will read and re-read it 3, 4, 5 times, making sure it looks okay. Once I send it, I will go back into my sent folder and re-read the e-mail another 2 or 3 times. I don't know why I do this. Maybe to remind myself, yes, I did send it, and yes, it was adequate.

* I don't like the unknown. It freaks me out. I'm very much a planner. That's why this past year has been EXCRUCIATING for me. Where are we going to be in 6 months? I don't know. DC? Utah? Oregon? ARGH. That's why I'm grateful for Jake. He reels me in after my monthly freak out of "What are we doing?" "Where are we going?" "What's our plan?!" Doesn't mean I'm relieved or feel great about our uncertainties, just means he has a couple more weeks until the freak out comes again. Unfortunately for me, Foreign Service is all about the unknown, waiting, etc. All things I'm bad at. Sorry, babe. I promise I'll try to be a little more 'sane' tomorrow.


Heather M said...

You sound perfectly normal! :) All those things make PERFECT sense to me. It's a good thing for hubbies that keep us grounded!

Good luck with all of your *unknowns*. My new motto this past year is "Let it GO!". I have to constantly remind myself Heavenly Father is in control and I need to let it go into His hands.

Ashleigh said...

MWAH HA HA HA! I'm not longer the most screwed up child. You're a freak! ;-) Kidding, kidding, OBVIOUSLY. Most of these things aren't TOO bad, except the grocery list is a bit anal and OCD...even though I've thought about doing it many a time. I don't let myself though, because it sounds exhausting.

The "personal anal secretary" threw me off at first. I think I just read it wrong. It sounded dirty.

You should just look at this and feel a sense of belonging. Our family has a long line of OCD craziness. It's also good to know I'm not the only weirdo in our immediate family. Thanks.

Russ and Em said...

I have to agree with Ashleigh on "personal anal secretary". I think you mean "anal personal secretary". Sorry it does sound dirty.

Also I am just the same as you on grocery lists and the unknown.

jamieschip said...

Okay, I re-read the post and agree with you both, it did sound a little dirty. (It made me laugh though, does that count?!) I changed it so I don't freak out any parent or grandparent who might be reading this. ;)

Woodruff Family said...

I can actually relate to most of those things myself. Great minds think alike.

Jacob S. said...

I've actually never noticed any of these things. I am going to start paying closer attention.

Sonja said...

Yes, we all have oc tendencies and come by them honestly. Everyone has things they do a certain way and like them done that way or they are done wrong!) Right???

Bev Tate said...

totally off your rocker!!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand everything you listed (except the grocery store thing. That I might have to try as I make my list tomorrow!)

Thank you for your blog. As a hopeful FSO someday it is nice to know there are others who share my unknown issues. All the best to you and yours!

Dream Big Designs said...

haha! I love your posts! Yes, you are a little OCD, but that is why we love ya!

Nancy K said...

I was laughing and telling Steve that he needed to be a little less ocd about things this week-his clothes hanging all by color-it bugs him if one is out of order, etc. He doesn't make me feel like I have to hang them that way, but he always switches them around. so I laughed when I saw this and told him that I guess I'll just have to let him have his ocd ways. He thanks you.

Brian and Carly said...

LOVE this post! I can relate to so many of these and was laughing my head off.

Rebecca Symes said...

Obviously you are NOT alone! I feel much better knowing others are driven crazy by some of the same things that makes me want to go insane.

Anonymous said...

I didn't understand the concluding part of your article, could you please explain it more?