Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Official... I'm Getting Old

I zonked out before 9pm last night. Jake and I were watching one of the episodes of Life, a new series on the Discover Channel. I just couldn't keep my eyes open for the entire hour. I woke up around 9:30pm and knew it was time to turn in. I was out again 5 minutes later. What the heck? I remember the days as a young and spry college kid when it was normal for me to go to bed at midnight every night. Now, you may ask, are you getting enough sleep? Yes, I'm getting enough (usually 8 hours, a little less or more somedays.) Then you might ask if I have some sort of hormone imbalance? Nope, my thyroid has been regulated for nearly 6 months, thanks to my daily .75 mcg of levothyroxine. And of course the final question. And the answer is, No, I'm not pregnant (you know you were thinking it, weren't you?!)

I guess I'm just getting old.


Loree said...

girl, i feel your PAIN! i have the hardest time staying awake past 9 especially while watching a show! I was out like a light early last night! I am still trying to grasp the idea that i am getting OLD too! it stinks! :)

Dream Big Designs said...

Sorry about the stress fracture and THE LIST. We will be praying for you. It seems like you need a night out now? Would love to do it again...I'll call ya!

FS, here we come! said...

Are you all still waiting? We are. Erg!