Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Doctors, Hospitals, and Babies

Yesterday I took Josh to the doctor. I had a feeling he had, yet another, nasty ear infection. Last week his nose became runny, then the cough came, then the restless sleep, then the ornery behavior, then a 102 fever yesterday morning. At 3:15pm it was confirmed that he does in fact have an ear infection. The dr also mentioned he had bad wheezing and asked if he had ever been like this before (only when he is sick.) So he was given an albuterol treatment, which helped a little. Now he is on this lovely antibiotic that makes his poop turn red, and he was prescribed an inhaler. Poor guy. The sickness hasn't helped with his potty training. He had one accident yesterday and another this morning. Oh well. It's bound to happen, right?

Then a friend in the ward had her baby girl on Sunday. Then my cousin's wife had her baby girl Monday afternoon. Then another friend from our days at the U had her baby girl on Monday night. After Jake got home from work, I went to Pioneer Valley Hospital and IMC Hospital and saw two of the babies, Samantha and Lexi, and oh were they adorable! Little Lexi is in the NICU, born 6 weeks early, but she is doing great with all the tubes removed besides one. They said there is a small chance she might even get to come home this weekend. Crossing our fingers. Congrats to Lisa & Scott, Samm & Shilo, and Amber & Adam!


Darren and Traci said...

poor Josh, he seems to get sick all the time. Emmie was always sick when she was little and the doctor actually gave us a nebulizer since we were having to use it so much, he said it was easier than having to write a prescription for one every month haha. I don't know if you guys have one but you can ask your doctor about it and you can just use ours if you want. All you need is a prescription for the albuterol and the dr just had us use it whenever she got a bad cold and it would kick it in the butt so much faster and it stopped the yuck from spreading to give her ear infections. You're more than welcome to use it for however long you need if you want though, it's just sitting on a shelf in our garage. (I actually have an unfilled prescription for the albuterol if you just want to try it out)

Hope he gets to feeling better soon and potty training doesn't get too hard, that's the worst part of parenting!

Woodruff Family said...

....and he seemed to be doing so well. I'm sorry, he is sick again.