Thursday, January 29, 2009

What did you say??

Here is the conversation Ben and I had this morning:

Ben: Mom, can I bring my underwear to school for show-and-tell tomorrow?
Me: What?? No. That's gross.
Ben: But I'll bring clean underwear.

Oh. Okay. Well, in that case it's much better. Here I thought he wanted to bring his dirty underwear to school to show his teacher and friends?! ;) Funny kid. (The reason he wants to bring it is because they are learning about the letter "U" and are supposed to bring something that starts with the letter of the week for show-and-tell.) I better find our umbrella before he actually stuffs his underwear in his backpack without me knowing.

Now here is what Emma said this morning:

Emma: Mom, I want to watch oatmeal and eat Bambi.
Me: You want to eat Bambi?
Emma: (laughs) NO! Yuck! I want to eat oatmeal, silly.

I think Emma is the silly one!


The Thornocks said...

Haha! Your kids are funny. I love how Emma thinks YOU'RE the silly one. Maybe you should tell her that it's not such a silly idea to eat Bambi. His mother was murdered and then eaten by the evil man hunters. Maybe you should take her out hunting and show her that Bambi gets eaten all the time. Little precious Bambi's all over the world....poor Bambi

Mindurs said...

Hilarious! Good thing you are documenting these things for your children.

Verenice said...

If I was his teacher, I would have laughed. Those are the things that make your day when you teach! He is very creative :)