Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ben's first love note

So last week I asked Ben if he had made any friends in his kindergarten class yet. He told me "no" and didn't seem bothered by it. I mentioned how it would make school more fun if he made some good friends and he said he would try to meet some people. Fast forward to this week, I picked Ben up after school on Tuesday and Ben excitedly told me "I made a FRIEND!" I asked what his friend's name was and he said "I don't know. We played together at recess though and she sat next to me when we listened to the fireman talk." The wheels were turning and I wondered if there might be a crush brewing. I casually asked what he thought of her and he said "She's just my friend." Then Wednesday he told me he figured out his new friend's name... Ellie (then he went on to say not Elliott, like his other friend's name with two T's, but just Ellie.) He said they played together again that day. Then Friday after school as he was climbing into the van he mentioned Ellie gave him a note before school started and he put it in his bag. I pulled it out and read it to Ben: "4 Ben. From Ellie. Ben. Love." It looks like someone might have a crush on my little guy. It's funny. If it was 10 years from now and I was posting a girl's love note to Ben on my blog, I think he would probably be freaking out (rightfully so.) As of right now though, he tells anyone who will listen and he's excited about his new friend. He even wants to write her a note back (he has told me he wants to use some dinosaur stamps to decorate it.) Wow! Love notes at 5-years old. I'm betting Ben is going to be quite the heart-breaker when he grows up.


Verenice said...

That is the cutest little love note. Little kids are so innocent. Don't you just wish you could capture that forever?

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Ah kindergarten romance

Iliana said...

So fun! Don't you wish they would stay your cute little angels forever? So he's gonna be a little more Neil and a little less Phil in the girl department huh?