Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 7

We didn't take too many pictures yesterday so I'm attaching some random ones that didn't make the first cut. We had a nice relaxing day on Thursday. We all went swimming for a few hours. Ben is mastering the backstroke and enjoys seeing how long he can hold his breath under water. Emma loves jumping off the side of the pool to grandma over and over and over. Josh is just content being held by mama and splashing himself occasionally. We all took showers after we went swimming and I put Josh down for his nap (one of very few he has had since we've been here.) Then my mom, Whitney and I went to the mall to the Thai massage booths and paid for a one-hour full body massage. Anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE massages and even like it pretty hard but man, this was intense! For the most part it felt really good except two or three times I had to hold back from screaming out in pain. They get you in all kinds of strange positions. There was one point where the guy massaging me started rubbing the muscle under my shoulder blade. It felt really good, but then he started using his elbow and was digging into my muscle, and then it got harder and harder. I about screamed out "STOP!" but restrained myself. Toward the end of the massage I looked over at my sister and she was in a crazy position, doing a backbend over the lady's knees. I almost laughed... and then my guy did the same thing and pulled me backwards over his knees. It actually felt really good. All in all, I think it was a good massage. I'm a little sore in my shoulder area, but everywhere else I feel fine. We are thinking of going back on Monday for a foot massage. After the massage we went to a grocery store called Tesco. It reminded me of a Wal-mart and it was packed because it was a holiday. We could barely walk around the store without bumping into people. After that we drove 45 minutes to a night market near Batu Ferringhi. It was very humid and there were a lot of people. The kids were exhausted but excited because I told them they could pick out one thing. Ben chose a Ben 10 toy and Emma picked out a necklace with a pink moon pendant. I bought two statues that remind me of the Willow statues without faces, except they are a dark color and heavier. I bought one that has the parents and three children in a circle. It's very pretty. We got home from the market around 11pm and we were all ready for bed.
Jake wanted me to take a picture showing more of the pool so that's what the first one is. The second is of Emma eating this shaved ice with colored flavoring and ice cream on it. Usually they put beans and corn on it too but we chose to have that taken off. The last two are of Josh and Emma at the airport. I thought the baby seat was a very nice invention. I've seen them in magazines but never one in real life. It was nice to be able to put him in there while I went to the bathroom and not worry about him getting all dirty, crawling around on the floor.


Story of my Life! said...

Your page is so cute! and wow what an experiance! I am so jealous! it looks like you are having a great time, too bad your missing someone, i bet thats hard. But its great to see you guys are doing so well and your kids are getting so big!

Abbie Anna and Megan said...

Okay, seriously mom of the year award! I am sooooo glad that you are there and having this experience with your kids! seriously HOW COOL!!!! Looks like a dream.

Kristine & Jeremy said...

I got worn out flying to Utah with one kid for 5 days - you must be the energizer bunny. :) Thanks for sharing all the pictures with us, looks like you are having a great time!!