Thursday, January 17, 2008

Family Fun in Salt Lake & Provo

We had a great time while my parents were here visiting. (They live in Malaysia right now, so they traveled quite a ways to get here!) We showed them our new house, which they hadn't seen yet. They politely oohed and aahed, just like any good parent would and we appreciated that. We built gingerbread houses with them for FHE, had my Grammy and Grandpa Call over for dinner, went shopping for floor lamps (still haven't bought one... oh well), went down to Provo to visit my Grandma McDonald, played games, watched Mission Impossible 3, and went shopping to various stores in Bountiful and Salt Lake. We had a fun time with them!


Ashleigh said...

I love the one of dad and your kids. It's so cute. I'm glad we got to see eachother for a little bit, but it sucks with mom and dad being so far away and then us being far enough that it takes a bit more planning and $ in order to get together. Anyway, Chad and I were wondering if you guys had big plans for Easter and if we could at least talk about maybe coming and visiting. If you guys have plans or it's not the most convenient time, then we should plan for another time, but I thought I'd ask. I miss seeing you guys. We'll talk soon!

Dan said...

A another trip to Vegas that did NOT include a visit to Dan and his wonderful family... Typical of the kind of behavior I've begun to expect from you North/East Bench Salt Lake snobs! But for real, the NEXT time, you know who to call/text/email... Plus, if you didn't know, we have a tramp now, so there's no reason not to come.